Auto-Play feature doesn't work


I am a new subscriber and I would like to tell you I am very satisfied with this software. You really made a great, great job!

However, I need to report you a bug that is affecting IOS app on both my Iphone and iPad: I enable the "Auto-Play" feature and everytime I touch a channel into "On Now" section, I view a popup asking me if I want to "Watch","Record" or "Pass". I would like to directly play the channel instead of this windows

You can tap the channel logo to direct play

Yes, I tap on the channel logo and the playback doesn't start directly. It is still asking me to choose between watch, record and pass

The Auto Play feature refers to automatically playing the next recording. You can read about it here.

The behavior you are describing in On Now is working as intended.

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The Auto-Play feature is intended to play multiple episodes of a recorded show continuously, similar to Netflix, Hulu, etc — smile

aaah, ok! sorry!

Anyway, is it possible to setup channels app in order to play the channel without asking me if I want to watch, record or pass?

If you tap on the program title, you will be presented with options, but if you tap the on the channel logo in the left side of the guide, it will go directly to the program. I've attached a screenshot to show what I mean. Are you sure you tapped there? If so and it didn't work, it may be a glitch — smile

Yes, I agree, if I go into the "guide" menu and click on the channel icon it starts to play.

If I go into the "On Now", it is asking me watch, record or pass. Pictures enclosed

You can press and hold (or 3D Touch if you’re using an older phone that supports it) then you’ll get Record and Watch menu items which might be a bit quicker. It might make sense for the channel part of the On Now tiles to behave like the guide and go directly to watching though.