Auto skip commercials?


Could there be a setting in the future that auto skips commercials marked by comskip? This would be awesome!


I second the request! With my current Plex DVR setup, not only are the commercials marked, they’re also removed so that I don’t have to touch the remote when watching a show.


Really? That’s great – how are you doing that with PLEX DVR?


I don’t want to derail this thread, but the Plex DVR Forums have information for using Comskip that is run after the recording and before it is added to the Plex library.


I like the auto skip option but would like to keep the commercials in the file because sometimes they are not spot on.


I too think this would be a handy option. Having a heck of a time with my harmony, I keep double skipping and winding up at the next commercial block. :laughing:


Double click to skip will only work when inside a commercial block.


Hmm, I am initiating it during a commercial block, but it was jumping the next show block and playing at the next commercial block as if it was getting the command twice (or 4 presses I guess you could say).

Only happened when I’ve used the Harmony. Not all the time but enough that I just use the ATV remote instead and chalk it up to a quirk with the Harmony.


I’ve had quirks with my harmony too. The latency on the hub is quite unfortunate :confused:


Is there somewhere to enable this “double click to skip” functionality? I’ve tried double clicking just about everything on the Apple Remote during a flagged commercial break and nothing causes the App to skip anywhere…


You need to double click the right side of the remote. Usually when you click the right it skips ahead 30s


You might be interested in Feature Request- File Name

On going effort to develop a post process for comm free and transcode…


Thanks for letting me know about that thread! I’ve been using mcebuddy via Parallels for awhile and I love it! It just takes awhile on my old Mac mini to process the files (and a lot of processing power) so I was thinking this auto skip feature would eliminate the need for post processing (beyond the current comskip process).


I was able to leverage the plexcomskip project to automate removing commercials with a combination of messy scripts to scrape the channels dvr logs to start a job to remove commercials and keep track of what it’s already done. Hopefully channels lets us do a post processing script like the plexdvr does, or just gives us an option to remove the commercials instead of marking them.


I have the commercial identify function checked on my DVR settings page, and I cannot get the double click on the remote to skip over the commercial block. I’m using a 2014 Mac Mini 2.6Ghz i5 with 8 GB RAM so hardware isn’t the issue. Am I missing something?


Do the commercial markers show up on the timeline in the video player?


I just started using the DVR Beta in the last couple days. I haven’t played with it much. I now see what you’re talking about. Some recordings have it. A couple do not. It seems that SD recording either don’t have the markers at all or the commercial segments haven’t been identified correctly and the markers are off. I checked a couple HD recordings, and they are spot on. The remote double click works as it should. I saw someone else post that the software is struggling with SD recordings because of the lower video quality. I recorded a couple episodes of Frasier on an OTA sub channel, and the commercial markers were absent or not aligned with the commercials. A quick check of this week’s Blacklist and a couple other HD shows in prime time had the commercials marked perfectly. It is a very nice feature. Thank you!


Not sure how the PlayON service does this but with their recordings they have “auto skip commercials” as one of their features as seen on their FAQ, “When you enable AdSkip when streaming a recording, PlayOn will automatically skip over all of the ads as the video plays.” So it is possible!


I have seen several of the threads in there but they assume someone knows what all of that means. I have installed all of the necessary components but it is all gibberish when it comes to creating, configuring, and knowing what to do with a script. Any suggestions or some specific thread you could point to?


I have multiple appletvs. Auto skip works great on one of my appletvs, but not the other two

Anyone have any ideas?