Automatic upgrade / forced XML reload

I don't know if there's any downside to this or not, but I run a script via cronjob every two hours that checks for pre-release updates AND forces the entire guide XML to reload for me (I was having an issue with PLUTO schedule not reloading properly). This keeps me automatically upgraded to the latest pre-release version AND my guide up to date...


curl -X PUT -d force=true $LOCAL/dvr/guide?force=true
curl -X PUT $LOCAL/updater/check/prerelease

Does anybody have any thoughts/improvements???

Please do not force full guide data redownload. This is considered abusive behavior and you will get locked out of guide data updates from our server.

If you want to reload Pluto data you should be using the guide update action for that source only.

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Thanks for the feedback... I will make that change post-haste!

Every 2 hours seems a little excessive. I run the prelease check once nightly around 3:30 am to get the latest and greatest.

The command for just XMLTV for Pluto would be:

curl -XPUT $LOCAL/dvr/lineups/XMLTV-Pluto

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For Pluto EPG, here's what I did. It's beem working great.

This is great info. I'm not having this issue with Pluto TV, but I am with the Samsung TV+ docker so this workaround might do the trick.

So the command in my case would be:

curl -XPUT $LOCAL/dvr/lineups/XMLTV-SamsungTV

Is there a preferred method to have this command automatically every couple of hours on an iMac server?

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Couldn't you just set the XMLTV option inside Channels to refresh every hour?

I thought so, but even with that option set to hourly, for some reason, Samung TV+ is the only source in my setup that runs out of guide data, and this happens a couple of times per day. I posted about the issue on github but haven't gotten any response yet. The next time I notice it happening I'll see if anything changes with just a manual XML refresh.

Maybe it's an issue with this particular container, or the limited guide data it's able to receive at any time, but it's been happening all week. Just trying to figure out the best way to handle it.

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Sounds like a different issue. The guide in that container comes from the same place and I guess that xmltv file is not being updated very often.


The Samsung guide data only seems to go out a few hours — even less than Pluto. So what would normally be an acceptable delay can get pretty serious. I’ve gotten away with having it refresh hourly but don’t rely on it heavily.

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You could always script a restart of the Samsung TV Plus for Channels docker container every couple hours until the issue is resolved.

I restart my Pluto for Channels container every Saturday morning because its EPG update times aren't exactly every three hours and it drifts almost 20 minutes in a week.

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