Automatically record next airing of missed episodes

I remember a discussion a while back where it was planned to implement automatically scheduling a recording of the next airing of a missed or interrupted episode in a series pass. Was this ever implemented? On occasion, I have missed recordings due to all tuners being in use. But, the next airing doesn't record automatically.

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I agree and have wondered about the same thing myself. This would be a great feature to add.

If you set the pass to record 'All' instead of 'New', it will record an episode that was missed because you didn't have tuners.

Issue is that the next time the episode airs, it no longer will have the 'New' tag.

Understood. But then you get recordings that you don't want. The DVR should understand that it missed a recording, for whatever reason, and then schedule the next airing. Other DVRs do this.

If you record all it will not record stuff you already deleted hopefully just the missed ones.

I don't think it will record the episode after it fails even when "All" is chosen. You have to actually go into server web interface and delete failed recording under dvr before it will attempt to redo episode.

This way of doing missed recordings makes no sense that you have to remember to go into the web interface. It should be automatic if set to all.

Considering until quite recently there was never any indication given of a missed or otherwise failed recording, I feel it's quite understandable that there's still much progress that could be made in this area. I imagine there are still changes and improvements to this scenario, as well as hopefully some form of conflict management.

If an old episode has never been recorded before, it will record it. For some shows that can be a lot. There are series in syndication that go back over 10 years on multiple channels. All of them will be recorded if All is used, as they should be. In addition, this probably won't work anyway because the scheduler doesn't go back and reschedule missed events.

I never knew that it would not reschedule missed events thanks for the info.

SageTV sends an alert to the clients that a scheduled event was missed and why.and if it aired again it would record it automatically.

On the Dish Hopper DVR, it is aware of tuner conflicts in advance and schedules around it. If additional tuner conflicts arise because of people watching live, it pops up a message and gives the user a choice. If the choice causes a skip, it will record the next airing. If an event is missed due to some service interruption or power failure, it will schedule the next airing. If while recording there is the slightest interruption in the recording due to weather or whatever, it will record it again at next airing.

I really like the Channels DVR. But every now and then I miss something due to how it handles missed events.

Presently, there is absolutely no form of conflict management. This is a known deficiency, and the developers are still working on how best to address/implement the functionality.

There's also an inability for the dvr to check other sources when manually browsing the guide and choosing something to record.

For instance, lets say it's 6:55pm and you're browsing the Channels DVR guide on your FireTV. You notice an NBC movie you want starts at 7pm, so you manually click on it and hit record. However, if the 4 OTA tuners are all in use at 7pm this movie won't be recorded. There is zero warning when setting it that there are already scheduled recordings set to take up all 4 OTA tuners.

One would think that the DVR would check your other sources for that same channel when the 7pm OTA tuners are taken, but it does not record it on either my Prime NBC channel or my TV Everywhere NBC channel or my Locast NBC channel. It just notices the first source has zero tuners and goes no further.

This is what was meant by conflict management.

Yes, but it is more likely the original posters series pass "conflict management" problem will be fixed and manually choosing a recording "conflict management" will never be fixed.

One challenge with tuner management is that Channels doesn’t have exclusive rights to the HDHR. Other applications can also access it. This is a different scenario from DVRs that have tuners built-in that only they can access.

Understood. But even the other DVR's don't know if a tuner is going to actually be free at the time of the event. But they are still able to reschedule the event.