Automatically start next recording when consecutive shows recorded

When I record two consecutive shows on the same channel, then watch the first show, at the end it would be great if it automatically started the next show (or at least prompted to do so).

Yea I really want this feature too.


While I can see the use of this (prompt to play Chicago Fire after I just watched Chicago Med), what about the next episode? Using my example, if I was 2 weeks behind and just finished Chicago Med, should the Chicago Fire episode that aired immediately after it play, or last week's Chicago Med episode?

Again, while I can see the use of this feature, I think its actual implementation may be troublesome and confusing.

The OP is talking about recordings in progress not already recorded and we have one developer that voted for it. Let's not throw a monkey wrench to a great idea.

I do think that having both options available is a nice idea (next episode in series, or next chronologically) but the current behavior is frequently frustrating.

In your example when I'm watching my recording of Chicago Med and get to the end, I'll typically see 90 seconds or so of Chicago Fire at the end of the recording. Just as I'm getting into the new show it suddenly cuts off and I have to do a bunch of navigation to get it to continue. The show is recorded, why not just keep it going? Previous DVRs I've owned have been able to do that.

There is nothing in the OP that references a recording-in-progress.

Yes. And I also said I liked the idea.

The sooner that possible issues are identified, the more time there is to consider them. It makes far more sense to address this before starting to implement the feature, rather than realizing such a situation wasn't addressed and having to start over.

That is what I was thinking, but the UX for such might be troublesome.

How so?

I have never had any DVR work this way, so the concept is foreign to me.

If you could describe/detail exactly how you have experienced this feature in the past, perhaps that will start more meaningful discussion.