Automatically stop live for HDHR Premium


On the SD forums, the Premium TV announcement has a lot of people worrying about data caps. Which makes me think - we leave our Shield on 24x7 so the DVR works. My wife has a habit of turning off the TV when she’s done watching. This doesn’t affect the app, so it is often streaming day and night. Not a huge problem with OTA channels, but this could be a problem if we had Premium TV, as that constant stream alone would use about 750 GB a month of our data cap.

It might be nice to have an option that would ask people if they’re still watching at some specified time, like midnight. If they don’t click yes within a few minutes, stop the live stream.


I’ve thought an inactivity timer would be nice. Problem is: Imagine somebody’s watching something. Neighbour comes calling. They wander away from the TV, figuring they can just “rewind.” Get into a longer conversation than they expected. Come back to find they’ve been kicked off the channel and their buffer’s gone.

It would have to be carefully thought-out.


Does your tv support CEC? The app should be able to detect that the tv is off and stop streaming.


Wouldn’t that put the Shield to sleep and thus keep the DVR from starting a recording?