Availability in Belgium

Hi all,

I currently use a rather complicated process to watch TV

  • Local channels using DVB-T. Channels are SD MPEG2, soon to become HD H264
  • Freesat channels using DVB-S2. Channels are SD/HD H264
  • French channels using DVB-S2. Channels are SD/HD H264

Everything is piped through MuMuDVB (which creates a .m3u of each transponder that I have assembled in one .m3u)

I currently use XMLTV for my guide, and everything is piped in Emby (which sucks for Live TV watching)

My questions are the following before subscribing to Channels DVR for nothing.

1°) Am I allowed to use Channels DVR in my location (ie: Belgium)
2°) Can I use 3 different guide sources (Belgium + English + French) and are they available for all 3 countries or do I have to provide the XMLTV? If the latter, is this available to use in my locale?
3°) Telly/Xteve was pretty straightforward to setup, but I see no mention of how to number and arrange channels. Do I have to do it in the .m3u before importing them in Channels DVR?
4°) Can an Apple TV be used remotely (ie: relatives' house) but still be used as if it's used locally?

Thanks in advance!