Away from Home DVR Access Failure

Brought my Apple TV on vacation. Staying at an Airbnb which has Spectrum cable internet. I cannot get the app to connect when I select away from home. When I enter the code it just sits (on the wifi). When I try from my phone (on the wifi) it gives me an error DVR Access Failure. When I drop the wifi and use LTE, works like charm. So I'm 99% sure whatever modem/router here at my Airbnb is interfering with the Apple TV back to my ChannelsDVR server. This may be more of a 'feature request' than a Troubleshooting because I can't login to the router to 'fix it'. While I have an VPN back to my server, I can't load it on my Apple TV (yet). Any ideas/suggestions on how I can get this to work?

Maybe the Airbnb wifi is using a captive portal to get on the Internet.
Have you tried using their wifi to see if you can access any Internet websites directly?

Yes, everything else seems to work great and there has not been a "captive portal" which has me login etc. Other streaming apps on the apple tv work fine too. So this has something to do with the authentication process while "away from home".

Unless someone else has an idea I can only think of turning your phone into a hotspot and connecting the AppleTV to that as a workaround.

As mentioned already, if it works on LTE everything is configured correctly on the Channels side. As you suspected it seems like the connection at the Airbnb is the problem. Perhaps they have a firewall in place and limiting things to basic web stuff. Don’t think Channels can do anything in this case.

Take a look at the free version of TeamViewer. They have versions for Mac and IOS.