Away from home

Sometimes I can access my Channels DVR away from home and sometimes I cannot. I suspect that is because Verizon keeps changing my IP address. Is there a way to go into my account and change the global IP address? Should I use a Dynamic DNS service? Does anyone have experience with this? is what I use

My IP address is dynamic from Spectrum too, it changes a few times a year. But I've never not been able to connect to Channels DVR when away from home. It's always "just worked." That's part of the
"Remote DVR: Access your DVR away from home via" feature of the server subscription. So I'm thinking there may be a different explanation for why you've been unable to connect. But maybe not?

On the rare occasion I can’t connect, i usually discover that my phone has automatically connected to some crap WiFi access point. Think I finally turned that off. The other thing is if I’m in bandwidth jail for using too much data.

Channels DVR Server manages your IP address for you. It reports back to our servers every three hours what your ip address is and we update the dns for your remote host name.


Something quick and dirty I did years ago was created a scheduled task script to query my external address, throw it in a text document that sits in my local onedrive (or gdrive, dropbox) directory. Then if I was somewhere and needed my address at home, I could just look at the text file on Onedrive.

My script is just this (Windows Powershell):

(Invoke-WebRequest -uri "").Content > C:\Users\Me\OneDrive\Documents\HomeIPAddress.txt


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