Backing out of app on Nvidia Shield lags

Hi guys. I haven't had any issues to report in a while but I noticed today that backing out of the App on my Nvidia does something weird. It is sort of like it locks up and I can't move around within the app and it doesn't back fully out of the App. At first I thought it was just frozen but if I wait for a bit (may 30 seconds to a minute) it will finally exit the app to the home screen.

This is happening on both my Shields (one is the 2017 16GB model and the other is the 2015 16GB model). They are also both updated to the version 8.0 that was just released so maybe something with that is causing it?

What is the version number shown on the About tab of the app?

731000 - I am not sure if there are some numbers cut off on the end there because the last 0 is partially cut off.