Backup and restore Nvidia Shield?

Having issues with my shield and I'm considering wiping and starting from scratch. Channels is working perfectly, and I would like to backup before wiping everything and restore it afterwords on my clean system. Is there a procedure to do this. I can see the backup in the server settings, but don't see an option to restore.

All the files for the server are on an external drive, is it as simple as plugging in that same drive after a wipe?

What exactly is the issue? It's unlikely a reinstall would change anything

There is no issue with channels right now that's the only thing working perfectly, however the rest of my system is a sluggish mess and other servers like plex and the like are broken. To fix my system to a workable state after hours of troubleshooting I've made the decision to factory reset my shield, I just need to know how to backup and restore my channels server so don't lose my database tuner settings and recordings.

On the DVR web UI, click "Save Database Backup"

After a reset, install the DVR then open http://x.x.x.x:8089/restore and navigate to your USB drive under Database and pick the most recent backup you made.

Perfect thank you.