Backup Recordings to New Server - Application?

HI All

Possible for someone to make an automated Backup / Restore Application?

I see that a lot of people are confused or not having to much luck moving your existing recoding to a new Channels Server.

I though that someone or the Developer could make a basic application that would do this and at the end of the process it would verify that everything is correctly copied over.


I can't figure out what exactly you are after. Channels DVR already has a backup. Moving to a new server is very simple.

Perhaps you haven't looked through the online documentation about migrating your existing DVR to a new computer:


I see now what you are saying. I did look at this a very long time ago and it looks like the information has been updated, when was it last updated?

I have a question still if I do all this and just restore my TV Shows and not my Movies will this still work, or if I do not Restore all the TV Shows will this process work as well?

Or does it have to be an exact Copy without anything missing?

Thanks again

It's restoring your recording database, settings, and rules. It will reference the recorded files from where they are stored.

If you only want to restore your TV shows, do a full restore, then delete all the movies from within Channels.

Restoring is an all-or-nothing: either you do or you don't, but you cannot selectively choose what is restored.

Synology NAS - Hyper Backup

I am in the process of backing up my Channels DVR Server on my NAS using Hyper Backup via a USB Drive attached to my NAS, I was wondering by doing it this way will this allow me not to have to Restore the way your instructions are setup?

Will I be able to just restore my Hyper Backup to my New drives then just reboot the NAS and everything will be ok?

I am doing this because I will be installing all New Drives in my NAS in a week or so.


If you have multiple bays it should be easier than that. Put in one drive at a time and let the array rebuild between each one. You can swap them all that way without having to do anything else, I believe.