Baffled - One stream is perfect, other is not?

I have an Apple TV in my living room and a TIVO in the bedroom.
The ATV is perfect, but the TIVO is buffering and pixelating, totally unwatchable.
I have rebooted, reinstalled, reset, shut EVERYTHING down, then restarted all.
I have deleted the app, and then reinstalled it... BUT, nothing seems to help.....

I get a solid 380mps near the router, but only 195mps where the TIVO is located. The signal does go thru an extra wall to the TIVO.

ALSO, the few channels that are buffering, are the same that required me to get a new Antenna as they didn't come in with an indoor.

HD Homerun shows SIGNAL Strength 87% and Signal Quality 100% and Streaming rate at 14 - 16mpbs

Anybody have any ideas?


Try swapping the locations with the ATV and the TIVO and see if the problem follows the device or stays with the location. From your description, I would guess that it is a wifi reception issue at the bedroom location (even through the throughput seems reasonable).


Is the OS on the TiVo stick up to date?

Does changing to Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder: Software make any difference?