Bally Sports no Guide data availible

Hi I'm in Milwaukee with Spectrum and a HD Homerrun and an ota set up. WMC + EPG and schedules direct.

When FSN switched to Bally, the FSN call sign was there and guide data showed up. Now it says Bally and their logo, and all I get is no guide data for anything especilaly the Brewers games, it seemed to happen around the end of the NBA schedule- Any help?

I’m confused. You mention spectrum and OTA. How are you getting Bally? Is it through an HDHomeRun prime?

And then throw in Windows Media Center and schedules direct.
Perhaps the wrong forum to post the question?

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The change to Bally Sports included some additional DRM on their RSNs. Right now, I believe you can still get FS1 and FS2 (or whatever they're called now), but others (like FS West and Prime Ticket in my case) no longer work well.

Because of the way they're changing their web streaming, you're better off ignoring TVE feeds of RSNs—especially from Bally—all together. The exception would be if you are using a Prime and get those channels from your cable subscription: those ought to give you no problems.

I’ve run into this problem as well! If anyone finds a workaround to get this to work please post it!

The Bally website has little to no commercials on live feeds and the ability to skip forward and back (for baseball). The replays are completely commercial free and edited where the commercials were on the original broadcast (rather than showing the Bally logo in between innings).

Yes 7 tuners 4 OTA 3 homerun on which I am supposed to get programming, which I do, but NO guide listings for FSN...errr Bally

No I'm in the Milwaukee area, no FSN at all thru Speculum ($175 a month!) They switched it with Bally, who' s info was first.

Any way to fix/call/bitch?

If I call the Cable co and say I'm watching on a pc with WMC-They always reply- "Well you need a cable box!" Cable co loose $$ with cable cards, that's why even to the employees for years, it's like a secret. Now it's "old tech" I guess, works fine for me. I literally only use it for sports occasionally, others it's all they watch here.

LOL when I activated 1 for the first time it took 2 hours before they patched me through to a real tech, then It took 5 minutes.

Don't waste your time.

yea it's more of an irritant the $175 I pay monthly, it should have been fixed months ago.

PS I just remembered another reason not to stream it. I logged in to watch it, and WTF is plastered across the screen, the F'ing score for the game I wanted to watch. Akin to standing In line to see the sixth sense and hearing people say "I can't believe Bruce was dead the whole time!" :nauseated_face:

I prefer the replays. They are commercial free and the picture is better than the channels dvr recordings of FSN. I do wish I still had the channels dvr option on Bally's however.

If you use the HDHomeRun app are you able to see guide data on the bally channels?