Bandwidth requirements for remote viewing?

hello. i run your dvr on ubuntu 20.04 linux being fed by an hd homerun prime w/ cable card. it runs on an older intel nuc core i5 and has a 14TB usb drive attached for storage. works great and finally got me off youtube tv and its ever increasing price.

locally on my lan it works perfectly. on phone, apple tv and browser / including casting from chrome to chromecast device.

now, watching remotely on my iphone 12 pro max, either over my own openvpn connection, or your cloud connectivity function, on any channel (although i prefer HD channels), the audio occasionally stutters. but a/v sync remains OK and the picture does not display this stutter. it's only an audible glitch.

is there something / somewhere i should be looking (at), or may i ask what your recommended bandwidth settings are for streaming over the internet? my upload throughput = +/- 25-30 mb/s.


You could try switching the Audio Driver under Settings > Playback > Advanced

i assume you mean in the player app yes, on my phone?

and i see one other option, 'experimental', correct? it states for better airplay2 support.


Yes try that.

Also next time you notice the glitch, click Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics

so far so good. 10 minutes in and no glitches. this over your built-in cloud functionality.

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