BBC 4 HD (freeview 106)

For some reason BBC 4 HD is not listed in my “HD channels” but is listed in my “all channels” section. It is definitely HD!

How do I get it to appear in the right place?

Actually, looking into it further, there are several HD channels that are not identified as such.

OK, I have had a look at my HDHomeRun settings. And I've sent an email to Silicon Dust to raise this issue. Here is what I've sent:


I have a HDHomeRun Connect Quattro.

I’ve identified a problem with UK Freeview HD channels.

In the UK, we have HD channels that are listed as one channel during the day. For example, Channel 205 (Cbeebies HD) stops at 7pm. Channel 106 (BBC 4 HD) starts at 7pm. There are other channels that do this.

It seems that if I get my Connect Quattro to detect channels during the day, it identifies 205 as an HD channel. If I do it after 7pm then it identifies 106 as an HD channel. There is nothing I can do to get them both to be identified as HD Channels. Surely it should be possible to manually edit these classifications, or perhaps select individual channels to refresh so that it doesn’t lose the settings already collected?

Definitely, the current arrangement isn’t working correctly.


Seeing the same thing with my HDHomeRun Connects, so would be interested to hear their response.

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They replied this morning:

I’d encourage you to write to them as well. I’m sure they’ll take it more seriously if they get several requests.

I replied and pointed out that other devices seem to handle this switch over without a problem.


@Robinlmp Hi there. Sorry to resurrect this 3 year old thread. Found it via Google. I am seeing this same issue. BBC3 HD (107) and BBC4 HD (106) channels keep disappearing as HD channels in Channels app and HDHomeRun config no longer shows them as HD channels. Did you ever get any update from Silicon Dust on this issue. Can’t believe it’s still happening 3 years later. I wonder if Channels can do anything to prevent this on their side, since the channels are still available from the HDHomeRun, it just not marking them as HD on their side.

No, I just made a custom channel collection in channels which is essentially my default option when viewing the guide.

Hope that’s some help.

Thanks @Robinlmp
I've done something similar, only using favourites. Trouble is I keep seeing the BBC 3 and 4 HD channels completely disappearing from Channels (not listed as SD or HD). And then my Guide Data completely disappears as shows as 0 lineups in the DVR server. It's very strange. Thanks anyway.

I reported this issue to Silicon Dust and they responded indicating that the HDHomeRun performs background channel scans and if a scan occurs during the time that BBC3 and BBC4 HD channels are offline, this issue will occur. They agreed that they shouldn’t be removing the BBC3 and BBC4 HD channels in this scenario, and they've escalated this to their engineering team again.

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Did you mention it has already been escalated to them three years ago?

Ideally it would be possible to mark a channel as HD in the HomeRun interface and that setting would override anything it tries to figure out automatically.

Yes, I did mention that and asked why it hasn’t been fixed in over 3 years. They didn’t respond. I also linked to this forum post. Maybe it would help if other folks seeing this issue open further tickets with Silicon Dust support.

You should check out this thread (this is weird, I keep copying and pasting the link for a thread here and it keeps linking to the wrong thread. First time I thought it was me, second time I made sure it was correct)

You can add BBC channels via the iPlayer streams.

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Thanks @Robinlmp . I did check that out and did install Docker and the package to stream the channels. It worked but I did t really like the idea of having a random package running on my Mac with no idea what it is doing or if it is safe. There’s absolutely no documentation on how it works. So I uninstalled and will carry on with the OTA channels for now. Just wish Silicon Dust would fix the BBC HD channel issue. Happy Christmas and New Year.

Hi happy Christmas and new year too!

You can add .m3u8 streams directly into channels without any other packages. Seems to work quite well. Only get 720p streams and no surround sound or anything sadly. But pretty handy.



#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="BBC One HD" channel-number="151" tvc-guide-stationid=“BBC1HD”,BBC One HD
// put .m3u8 url here

See a series of them here: BBC HLS Streams - let me know if i missed any · GitHub

Then add the sources section of settings:

Tap 'add source'
Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 21.10.51

Pick 'custom channels':

Then choose 'text' and put the code snippet above into the text box. You could put it in a file with .m3u extension and link to the path of that instead, but that's trickier.

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