BBC 4 HD (freeview 106)

For some reason BBC 4 HD is not listed in my “HD channels” but is listed in my “all channels” section. It is definitely HD!

How do I get it to appear in the right place?

Actually, looking into it further, there are several HD channels that are not identified as such.

OK, I have had a look at my HDHomeRun settings. And I've sent an email to Silicon Dust to raise this issue. Here is what I've sent:


I have a HDHomeRun Connect Quattro.

I’ve identified a problem with UK Freeview HD channels.

In the UK, we have HD channels that are listed as one channel during the day. For example, Channel 205 (Cbeebies HD) stops at 7pm. Channel 106 (BBC 4 HD) starts at 7pm. There are other channels that do this.

It seems that if I get my Connect Quattro to detect channels during the day, it identifies 205 as an HD channel. If I do it after 7pm then it identifies 106 as an HD channel. There is nothing I can do to get them both to be identified as HD Channels. Surely it should be possible to manually edit these classifications, or perhaps select individual channels to refresh so that it doesn’t lose the settings already collected?

Definitely, the current arrangement isn’t working correctly.


Seeing the same thing with my HDHomeRun Connects, so would be interested to hear their response.

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They replied this morning:

I’d encourage you to write to them as well. I’m sure they’ll take it more seriously if they get several requests.

I replied and pointed out that other devices seem to handle this switch over without a problem.

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