BBC World News channel missing from Philo

I am trying out Channels DVR. I added Philo as a source to be used with TV Everywhere. Most channels are working fine but I noticed that the BBC World News channel is missing. When I choose Manage Lineup, it seems to also be missing from there. When I choose Edit in Manage Lineup, it is also missing there. Any idea how I can get this channel added in. It is the primary channel I watch for news.

I do not believe they offer a live stream on their website for BBC World News. Only channels that offer a live stream on their website can be considered for inclusion with Channels' TVE implementation.

Doesn't look like TVE is supported for BBC World News:

I am not live streaming from their website. I am streaming from the Philo service. Wouldn't it just use the stream from the Philo service?

Ok I think I am starting to understand now. The channel itself has to offer streaming from it's website and it uses my Philo login to access that stream. It doesn't use the stream from the Philo service itself. Am I understanding correctly?

That is correct. Channels uses the websites' streams, which are different from the stream inside your OTT streaming app, such as Philo.

Thanks for the confirmation. I understand now. Also explains some other behaviors that I am seeing. Bummer because BBC World News is the primary news source I watch and I was hoping to integrate three different sources into one guide.