Behavior without internet connection


Hi guys! I haven’t been around for a while, since Channels works great. :slight_smile:

I just moved, and due to some miscommunication, I’ve been without internet connectivity for a few days. The Channels DVR is still working fine, of course - but when using the apps (Apple TV and iOS apps) on the LAN to watch recordings, it’s somewhat inconvenient. On the Recordings screen, it looks like this:

(Note that’s an iPad screenshot, but it looks pretty much the same on Apple TV).

As you can see, the “Up Next” section doesn’t show any info about the recordings; when you hover over it, it shows season and episode, but there isn’t a way to tell what show it is.

Similarly with recently recorded - you can cursor over to it on Apple TV to see what show it is, but if you have a lot of shows, it can be hard to find the one you want.

I think my suggestion would be if you can’t retrieve artwork for a show, maybe show text in the box instead that says the name of the show, instead of having the box blank.

Also one other unrelated glitch (I’ll put it here, since it’s sort of weird and hardly worth its own thread) - I plugged in an Apple TV during my internet outage that hasn’t been connected to the internet in a week or longer. Since it has no connection, I don’t think it actually has the correct time and the Guide shows no data (just the names of the channels), and if you watch an in-progress recording, the time and time remaining are all wacky. Not too worried about it - this is obviously a weird edge case - but I thought I’d at least mention it!