Best Channels client setup

Cutting the cord from Cox Cable TV (Contour). Trying to figure out the best setup for Channels. I have it running on my primary Windows PC but will be moving it to a Synology 918+ NAS. Still in testing so just planning on reinstalling on the NAS and not worrying about moving existing setup. Here are the settings I have and the questions associated:

  1. New setup will be on a Synology 918+ NAS. Have ordered but if there are any special tips or instructions, please send me a link. Thanks.

  2. Have HDHomerun Quattro for OTA. Seems to be working just fine into Channels.

  3. Question on this is proper access to allow use of the ATSC audio capabilities provided on the Quattro

  4. Biggest Question is on clients.

  5. Main TV is a Sony Bravia SmartTV (currently connected to Contour and to Ethernet)

  6. Bedroom TV is a Samsung SmartTV with an Amazon Fire Stick (standard model, several years old) attached.

  7. Guest TV is a Visio SmartTV (older) that is currently connected to a OTA antenna and home WIFI

  8. I have non-cable subscriptions to several services. I should be able to add those to Channels but understand that some will need their own apps such as Starz. Info links on this process would be appreciated

  9. I do run the main TV off of my home theater so do want the best sound I can get. A bit concerned moving from HDMI to ethernet for that.

  10. Goal is to simplify all this with the Channels DVR consolidating content and have consistent clients for each TV.

I believe I will be best served with new models of either Fire Sticks or Roku devices. Any advice?

Pete Carstensen

Roku is not supported. Only Apple TV and Android devices. Its a shame you missed the Amazon Prime days.

Go with appletv and you will not be disappoined.


Yup I agree. If you really want a good experience Apple TV 4k 2021 version will probably give you the best experience. Its actually $119 on amazon right now and comes with 32gb of space as well. That was always my problem with nvidia shield and Fire Sticks. You get 8 and that 8 also includes the OS in order to have more you need a micro sd, hard drive, and or adapter to hook up either one. The buffer happens on the device. So its nice to have the extra space on the Apple TV device already built in.

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Yeah, certainly did not know of this setup during Prime days! Oh, well, story of my life!

It does look interesting but definitely not an Apple home so no advantage there. It will be getting the content from the Channels dvr so not sure about the local space. Humm. I am leaning a bit toward the Fire TV Stick 4K Max or Fire TV Cube so that they integrate with my Alexa devices.

Everything is Fire TV/Alexa Devices in my household and it works great no problems. The best is the Fire TV Stick 4K Max I added a usb 128 gb stick and have a very large buffer on my main entertainment center. You no longer need a lot of local storage on the Client devices as they recently added the ability to keep the buffer at the server.


What are you referring to? I have not seen such a change in how Channels DVR works.
the many times that has been discussed, it was deemed a complete re-design of their software, not something they planned to do.

You can set the buffer up to 4 hours .... Enable under debug HLS option. Developers are so good you sneeze, and you miss a major update.

What about the Fire TV Cube? I has more procs and storage. Seems like it might be the best solution for the main TV.

Yeah I also have the latest Cube on another TV ... I did not need the Cube on my main System because I have 2 Echo Studios for Atmos sound that also can accept voice commands.

That does not say anything about moving the buffer from client to server.

Are you referring to something else other than the live tv buffer, used for pause/seeking?

EDIT: I think your are confused. Looking at image, that is for web browser or remote playback transcoding buffer, that is done on the server. Normal local in home playback is direct play, no transcode and that live playback buffer is on the client device.

Read it again. or try it does a simple remux.

Please read the entire thread or try it before assuming you are correct in your assumptions.

No one said normal I said HLS read my initial post geez ....

HLS is not used in normal operation. anyways, i will ask about that in that thread. sorry to derail this one.

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This is something that is in development and while we're working toward it being an official option, it's more of a hack right now.

As we become comfortable with this, we'll offer a more official option in the clients. But for now, using the debug option to force HLS will provide this.

HLS from Channels DVR Server does not require transcoding, they just work hand in hand. As you can see in the Quality Options for away from home, you can choose Original Quality. It can send things down in original quality while using HLS, vs a direct stream.

Using HLS provides many benefits, with the main drawback being that it takes about 2 seconds for a stream to start. This is fine for recordings, but tends to be a bit annoying for live tv channel changing.

In the future, this will be an option which provides devices like a Fire Stick the option to have a longer buffer, vs the 10 minutes they get now. It will be up to the person using Channels decide if they want this trade off.

I personally use HLS in original quality remotely from another home all summer long and not only is it great, it provides so many extras that direct streaming can't do. I'm not going to get into all of them right now, but I can't stress enough how mutually exclusive our HSL tech is from transcoding.

NOTE: this is not a change in terms of the "put the buffer on the server" requests. This is just us utilizing our tech in a way that can benefit in other ways.

Really curious as to what they are now :thinking:

So...i was right when questioning what Edwin_Perez had stated. Saying that specifically is what made me puzzled, cause pretty sure i would have noticed THAT big of a change.
Thanks for clarifying.