Best Channels DVR Server and Client in one?

I love the idea of using it as both a Server and a Client and connecting it to my primary TV. Did a search this morning for other opinions and quite frankly don't see a lot of chatter around people using the AppleTV as a server. But I wanted to ask if a Shield Pro 2019 is recommended as a Server/Client combo over an Apple TV 4K? Are there any pros/cons using one over the other? Any other suggestions are appreciated too!

You can’t use Apple TV as a server. Apps can’t run in the background on tvOS/iOS, not can you attach storage to an Apple TV.

I get the appeal of having everything running on a single box, but for me, it involves too many compromises. Plus, the distinction sheds relevance when you have more than one TV IMHO. Regardless, I think Shield is your best option without getting really hacky.

Agreed. Some specific ones, worth noting ahead of time. For example: If you have Channels DVR running on the NVidia Shield, then YouTube TV login is not supported as a TVE provider.

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