Best settings for high latency network


I am attempting to utilize Channels to be able to view local networks outside of my home network. This is a unique situation due to the application. The content is going to be viewed on an Apple TV or iPad on an aircraft. This is a business aircraft that has a KA Band satellite internet setup. The issue is that this is a high latency network.

The typical speed is about 6 Mbps max and typical latency is about 700-900 ms

I have tried to adjust the settings on the client device and although it plays, it buffers about every 10 seconds or so. I have tried adjusting the speed down to 1Mbps and still get the same results.

I am not sure if there is anything that I can do on the server side to maybe transcode the video at a lower bitrate?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciate as the owner of the aircraft would really like this to work.

FYI - We have zero problems streaming Direct TV NOW, Netflix, etc. over the network. Once the data caches it plays fine.


Have you tried from the aircraft’s internet connection? Maybe there is an issue with the connection between the satellite internet and your home DVR server.

Have you tried using the software transcoder instead of the hardware transcoder (assuming your DVR’s CPU can handle software transcoding)?

Also, does the buffering issue affect DVR recordings too, or only live tv?


Btw once you get it working you better post pics of your setup :slight_smile:


Are you trying to watch recordings or live tv?


@dbloom Thank you for the reply. I have not tried that as I did not know about it. Thank you for the tip! It could be possible, however, I was able to login to my server remotely while on-wing and verify that the server was online. My max upload speed is 10 Mbps at the home server but again I was only trying to pull 1-2 to the Channels app. Also, next time I am on wing I will post a picture! The setup at my house isn't as fancy.
I don't understand how to tell if I am using the software or hardware transcoder. I could test and see if it could handle it. It isn't a super powerful computer but I do have one I could try to run it on. Do you have a guide on how to do this? I did not attempt to try the DVR recordings. I will try that next time.

@tmm1 see above

Thanks guys!


@dbloom When I click the link for the speed test it takes me to the Channels DVR page of my settings however I don't see a speed test option. Am I missing something?


Speedtest url is or [abc]