Best settings

I seem to be getting pretty subpar standard picture quality. What are the best settings that would allow channels to play with the best quality?

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Can you elaborate on the quality issues you are seeing. Are you seeing heavy pixelation, or is it stuttering or something like that?

I would say heavy pixelation is the main thing...also I might have an unrealistic expectation that the quality will be the same as if I was watching the actual app for the channel.

Also just to note I’m using TV Everywhere with Verizon and locale

Quality should be as good as the apps. Or at least it is for me. What format do you have your Apple TV set to? For me I have it as 4K SDR and then match content set top “range and frame rate”. I have SDR mode switching in channels set to “when playing video”.

It could be that your apps are up scaling to Dolby Vision (if you have your TV set to that and not to match content) and you’ve just gotten use to seeing it that way. To you that may be “better”, though less “accurate”.

I know I have the TV set to 4k but I I think it is HDR not SDR...I also have it set to match the content but I don’t know what mode switching is.

I’ve went out and bought all these good samsung TVs and got all of the Ethernet ran to each ATV so I can eliminate as many issues as possible. my wife is all in my ear so that’s why I’m asking what’s is the best settings to use?

There should be zero pixelation on TVE. If there is that means the TVE streams are getting corrupted for some reason.

Can you please try recording from these stations and see if the recordings have issues, or if after the recording the log file shows problems.

Can't reply to your AppleTV settings, but I do remember running across a couple TVE channels that looked really bad at one point when I was testing all the channels I got. Don't remember which ones they were, just that they were two of the high numbered free ones. Agree with @tmm1 that you should try recording the ones you have issues with.

Ok I’m gonna record a few tonight...I’m also using localcast and I see some pixilation on those channels too...and it’s not consistent...the quality will be great and then pixilation...I’m going to look at the specs of my tv also cause I’m thinking most of the pixilation comes during darker scenes

Sounds like maybe your tv is in HDR mode. For Apple TV's, the tvOS settings should be set to SDR with Match Content > Match Range: On. That will give you automatic HDR for HDR movies and shows, but keep the system SDR for regular content.

Glad I found this thread. What should we also enable Match Frame Rate on tvOS?

Changing now...what about March frame rate?

Up to you if you want the tv to blank to match frame rate every time or not.


@Mikchek Did the settings help with your issues?