Best Strategy for TV Show / Movie Backups

I'm curious to know how people backup their TV Show and Movie content. I'm not currently backing anything up on my Windows 10 Channels server, but I want to implement a backup plan at some point here soon. Hard drives fail and I would hate to lose my ever expanding library to a corrupt drive.

I'd love to hear from those in the community that do regular backups. In particular, here are some of my questions...

  1. Do you do backups manually, or use an automated backup software? If so, what software to you use?

  2. Do you backup the original files, or do you convert to another format (i.e. H.265) to save space as part of the backup process?

  3. Is Channels even compatible with converted files, or must they remain in their original format?

  4. Do you backup TV Shows and Movies, or just one or the other?

I have a 12TB main drive and don't want to buy a NAS (and another 12TB drive), otherwise I understand that Raid could be an option. What I would ideally like to do is backup all my movies to an external USB 3.0 drive. I would like all of the movies to remain on the backup drive indefinitely. I would also like to backup my TV Shows, but I wouldn't want to keep them for long. It would be great if the TV shows would remain on the backup drive until such time I deleted them from my main Channels DVR drive. Can backup software automate this function?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.