Best Video Player for Windows

I have Infuse on my Mac, iPhone, & iPad. but when I'm on my desktop pc haven't quite found a nice video player/media player, dlna, etc. type of software. Anybody have any recommendations?

If you need just a general purpose media app, VLC pretty much does it all; MPV is more lightweight, but doesn't have as many features. If you need a full media library and theater app, Kodi and MediaPortal are go-tos.

(Personally I only use Windows when I need it for complete Office compatibility or Windows-only software like Sage, so I tend to focus more on open-source or cross-platform options.)

(Edit: added links to referenced software.)


Its not the prettiest app. Its actually quiet ugly. UI looks likevit was made in 90s. Then never updated. But here's why VLC is awesome. It just works, flawlessly. Even when it shouldn't. VLC is even better then Bannas dipped in marinara sauce.
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Have a random old video with a obscure codec. Ill bet VLC will play it

Found a link to some shady online VOD or M3U. Yuppers. VLC has your back.

Wana watch a video file that's only 1/2 way downloaded. Well VLC can do it

Do you need a traffic cone to stop cars. Well. . . Sure VLC can do that too.

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Thanks bro for the software recommendations. Been playing with Kodi and then saw there is Channels integration and have been loving that. Kind of its own Channels Desktop application in some way. From time to time would love to watch TV or recording in the background and the server side ui isn't the best and don't need to transcode just need to watch directly from my server on the network and loving this way with Kodi.

Personally, when at my desktop I have my Channels' channels exported and saved as a M3U playlist, and then access the channel if my choice in IINA (a macOS–specific version of MPV). I can view the guide in the DVR webUI, then use a native app to select the proper stream. (My main desktop is a Mac, and I find the iPad app quite miserable; when on Windows I use VLC to access the same M3U playlist and manually select channels to stream.)

(Personally, I find Kodi and other HTPC apps a poor choice when operating windowed or otherwise on a desktop ... they only work well when your interface is the 10ft interface.)