Best way to connect - tricky


I am living temporarily (several months) an Airbnb. I am at the mercy of the owner's wifi router, which is upstairs and completely separate from where I am living. My Apple TV's settings show 4 out of 5 bars on Wifi when connected to his router. on Apple TV shows 30+ Mbps when connected to his wifi.

I have a few hundreds episodes recorded via Channels on an external hard drive before I left my home. I hooked up the hard drive to my iMac successfully and can watch those episodes on my Apple TV via the Airbnb wifi. Unfortunately, when I try to watch some episodes on my Apple TV, I get a lot of buffering, especially those that are HD or when the wifi connection is not so good. I am guessing it is because of the Airbnb's wifi router.

Here's the good news. I connected via ethernet my iMac directly to my Apple TV and the recorded episodes come up almost instantly. (I turned on Internet sharing on my iMac.)

The bad news is...if I try to watch anything else on my Apple TV (Netflix, Youtube, Youtube TV), it doesn't work. I didn't a test on my Apple TV and while I am getting 50+ megs download with this set up, the ping is 900+.

Any suggestions on how to improve this? Thanks so much!


Never mind. I restarted my Mac and all is well!