Best way to get ABC/CBS TVE/Channels DVR

I get FOX, NBC, CBS & ABC with Hulu Live TV (also have Philo and phasing out of Spectrum), but lack ABC & CBS in Channels/TVE. I would love to keep the DVR in 1 place and not have to record ABC/CBS in Hulu Live.

  1. Is SiliconDust the only way to do this? If so, which model is best to get OTA for CBS & ABC with the ability to watch/DVR inside of Channels and be able to record multiple shows at once on these networks and watch Live TV?

Also, is there a way to:
2) Say I'm watching FX via Channels & want to switch to Hulu Live in order to have access to the in-progress re-wind, start over, etc. Rather than swap apps & then manually go to that channel in Hulu Live. It's not a big deal, but I thought it would be a good way to utilize the powerful Channels Guide & also use the features of other services.

If you are in an area that Locast services, you can add it to Channels other than that you need a Hdhomerun, I would suggest the duo or quatro. You won't be able to access Hulu from Channels, they use different sources for streams.

I got an good antenna (Mohu 50) and a HDHR Connect Quatro.
This integrates into Channels well for ABC and CBS.
My other channel sources are Xfinity and Philo.

I think you were suggesting clicking a channel in the guide and having the app for that provider open to that channel (if Channels couldn’t load it directly). I doubt the devs would be interested in something like that, but it’s an interesting idea.