Beta 102.7.6 Audio and Video Sync

Hi Channels Beta community, I'm a newbie and jumping to Cut the Cutter wangon again. This time using the Channels Beta on the Trial time frame. I decided to run the Beta to take advantage of what is in progress as looking forward the long haul back.
I'm currently using my old setup an PC with Old HDHR3-US to test before invest, however I'm experiencing Audio and Video Sync delays and hope I can get some feedback, because usually this issue could come from the TV Tuner and not from the software. I know I'm on the Beta and expect bugs, but for my experience is more about Hardware.

What is the feedback on the community?

Ps. I did send the diagnostics via the app.. ( nice intergration :slight_smile: )

I did notice audio/video sync issues playing back a show last night on 102.7.6, but thought it might be the TV transmission. I’ll keep an eye and ear on it to see if happens again and report, as well.

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What device are you watching on where the sync issue is happening?

I'm currently testing with my cell phone and channels app on a Samsung Note 5 under cellular network today on live TV("On now") that's what I noticed the delays sync and decided to post and get feedback.

Ps. Your fast response is amazing, I haven't experienced lately that with others ( today lots companies don't handle support that fast :smiley:). So I want to "Noted" in this conversation as Kudo to you guys!

This device only supports UDP connections, so packets that are lost/dropped will not be re-sent. If your client is connected wirelessly, try switching to a wired connection. If that is not possible, try enabling Tuner sharing in the client.

Tuner sharing will cause the DVR to handle the video streams, and the DVR will probably have a better connection to the tuner than the client. Also, the connection between the DVR server and the client will be TCP, so missing packets will be re-sent instead of just being dropped.

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I posted before I saw this. Remote connections, including via cellular, will automatically go through the DVR server. You may want to check the network between the DVR and the tuner.

Also, does this only happen with the beta? What about the stable version? The HDHomeRun software? Are other devices affected?

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Thanks for the great feedback. In my network I assigned IP to all my hardware. Anyway, I know is an old deprecated unit, that's why I'm looking for feedback and may do an investment. But I won't lie...that I also looking too all alternative as things had change since my last time using network Tuner. So want to have a good understanding with Channels DVR and the service as it is a subscription on the nice feature (the good stuff) as well as compared with device like Tablo ( for me TiVO had change with their original program and leading to have more advertising revenue). A reason for me to know which direction to go for hardware, specially HDHomeRun ATSC 3.O in Dallas TX to replace hardware.

No yet using the Stable version since looking what is on the pipe-line for Channels DVR.

My network run on Fios with Up/down of 200mb, with cisco router as well as CouldFlare DnS as Primary. Anyway still good feedback as well as alternative testing protocol!

You can make sure Tuner Sharing in the app is enabled, then look at the DVR log after streaming and it may show neterr= or sigerr= statistics about the stream coming from the HDHR unit. If there is network loss or antenna loss you'll see it there.

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Tuner Sharing was ON.
Looks on the log and the low "Sigerr=3%" as well as "high 12%.. here a line of from log today's log. \... h8.8 WFAA-HD: ss=79%-80% snq=84%,0%-97% seq=87%,0%-100% bps=5710312,0-9354880 pps=543,0-890 sigerr=12%.

So your antenna is not picking up a good signal, or the tuner chip in that old model is not doing a good job of locking on to the signal. That causes dropped packets and missing audio/video data in the stream resulting in playback issues.

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