Beta: Allow and Block content showing in your library based on tags via Server Side Settings

DVR ver 2022.08.29.2159
ATV beta ver 8.29.2146

Set up a Server Side Only > Content Blocklist on the ATV client for a label (named hide) that was applied to a number of videos imported to a folder in the Imports->Videos-> directory. The videos are correctly hidden when I look under Library->Videos but individual videos still appear in TV Shows->Recently Watched Shows and TV Shows->Recently Updated Shows.

Ahh, that's an old bug. Videos shouldn't appear there at all. I'll take care of that, thanks.

Original post was updated to reflect the recent changes.

I like this. Any chance it could be extended to work with a source (preferably) or a channel collection?

Channel collections can already be set per client via server side settings.

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Well I set it up anyway for eventual Android rollout next year!

But it was easy, nevertheless, for my use case of different devices for various users. I already have labels for "USER: NAME", so I just added those to previously created Library Collections that were already filtering for those labels. Then I went by device and used the "Hide" to exclude the users who don't use that device. Assuming the eventual wider rollout, and we'll finally have complete customized content per device/user!

Available in Android beta now, please test it out!

Didn't seem to work.

Definitely have the Labels on the Library Collections:


And set up the device to exclude labels:


But all of the Collections were visible, even after restarting the app.

Everything (server/apps) are on the latest versions as of the second of this posting.

Thanks. Try the new beta

Testing on a couple of devices, it was working perfectly! :+1:t3:

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Would it be possible to add tags via the pass? For instance, if recording College Football, it would be nice to have all recordings to have a tag that I specify and could action upon? This might make things a bit more automated for my use case.

This doesn’t work for individual recordings anyways. Just label your college football TV group, and it’ll be filtered in or out.

I noticed a problem with using labels to try to hide content from Apple TV clients. While the labels do prevent the content from showing up in the library, it still appears in the Up Next section of the Top Shelf in the home screen.

Is there any way to fix this, or are we forced to use library collections to truly hide content from clients?

Good catch. It's prevented inside the app, but not in Top Shelf. I'll check it out. Thanks!

This should be resolved in the latest TestFlight beta.

I don't use TestFlight, so your fix took a little while to trickle down to me, but everything seems to be working perfectly now.

Thanks, Maddox, much appreciated! :beers:


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Is there a CURL command available to allow or block content?

Nevermind. I asked ChatGPT how to click on a button labelled "Hide" and it gave me this javascript code to click on that button on the clients page of the web UI.

// Get all elements with the class "dropdown-item"
var buttons = document.querySelectorAll('.dropdown-item');

// Iterate through each element
buttons.forEach(function(button) {
  // Check if the button's text content is "Hide"
  if (button.textContent === 'Hide') {
    // Simulate a click event on the button;

By running this code I'm able to toggle the label "Hide" in the content blocklist. A curl command would be cleaner, but this works.