BETA: Audio improvements for Apple TV and iPhone/iPad

No news. Last update I got was:

Engineering has been looking further into the issue, and has analyzed a scenario where it is not working. They are working on a fix for a future OS release.


Whatever is really not there fixed all the audio issues for me with pip and the minis. Great job.

Are you on tvOS beta? We heard from apple that the new tvOS has fixes for that issue.

Nope, no beta.

Makes no sense but we'll take wins wherever we can get them.

Maybe new version of XCode helped.

Is there any lag now when tuning into a channel before audio starts?


Ok so it’s working great on one of the atvs with stereo pairs. No lag, super responsive. Etc.

My other two atvs with stereo pair does not, still bad.

I can’t explain it but i sent diagnostics on the one that’s working in case you see something. I can’t explain it.

Interesting finding running tvOS 16 with pair of original HomePods: with experimental audio settings the audio lag when tuning or FF/RW is still bad, ~5-7 seconds. But with default audio setting, there is no longer any lag.. at most a second for tuning, but FF/RW is super smooth.

I should update my last post. Earlier in July the tvOS beta was working amazing with HomePods, but unfortunately the latest has regressed, and now is back to current shipping tvOS quality when it comes to stereo HomePods, some lag with experimental audio driver, lots of lag with default driver.

Latest testing with tvOS 16 beta, stereo HomePods with AppleTV is working really well, very little if any lag when starting, and FF/RW works great. The one thing to keep in mind is I had to set the Audio playback to default. The experimental driver performs much worse.

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I don't find it working any better on tvOS 16 beta. Default audio removes the lag, but the quality is awful. Experimental still has the delays.

Are you using the beta on your HomePods also? That may be the difference, I have the beta on both.

No. Hopefully that is it!

Are you using OG HomePods or minis?


Great. Can't wait for it to work seamlessly!!

This was working great until this morning. Any changes made by Channels in the last 24-48 hours?

Nope, no recent audio changes.

I seem to notice the audio degrades after a couple days… a restart of the HomePods clears it up.

That did it. Thank you!

anyone still having issues with this? i dont have the energy to keep troubleshooting this, sending emails and logs that never get answered if im the only one with this and if i keep talking into a echo chamber.

two tvos updates later and its still horrible that now gets exacerbated with the horrible pip implementation. no other app experiences this (i know, i know, different apps are not the same) since they can use airpods properly.

i can deal with bugs, but it's really hard to deal with showstopper bugs that go on for years.

apple tv + homepods + Channels is not a good experience if you trickplay, channel surf or navigate the ui. its perfectly fine if you tie your hands and just sit and watch.

here is a data point, if you pair airpods or airpods pro, airplay audio is perfect. seeking, watchin, pip'ing and navigating do not experience this issue.


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