BETA: Audio improvements for Apple TV and iPhone/iPad

Removing bad info.

Incorrect. The whole point of spatial audio is that it takes a multichannel source and gives it dimension with the AirPods.

It’s basically Apple’s version of Dolby Headphone.


I'm still experiencing an issue when pausing, rewinding, and playing again. (All live.) The audio mutes, the picture freezes, audio resumes, until it all catches up with itself.

I submitted diagnostics for review.

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Same here and audio disappears when in pip and then it just goes haywire trying to go full screen or change channels while in pip.

Only happening to me when using HomePod minis.

I've been using our secondary TV a lot lately (AppleTV 4K with two original HomePods). Have to say the experience with watching recordings when fast fwd / rwd / commercial skip is really bad. Just like the two above mention. It's to the point we almost can no longer use Channels on this TV...

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Agreed, unfortunately we’re back caught between pros and cons of the default audio driver vs. the experimental driver.

Default gets you smooth playback but the warbling disrupts the audio… sometimes it’s just after initiating playback and sometimes it’s as often as once a minute. Experimental has perfect audio sync but it takes an extra 5 seconds to happen any time you start a video, fast forward, or rewind.

With tvOS 15.2 it should only stall for 2s instead of 5s. I've isolated this to a bug in tvOS and am waiting for advice from Apple. Probably won't hear back until the new year given the holiday season.


I did notice video/audio has been quicker to start since 15.2. Fast-forwarding/rewinding seems a bit longer than 2 seconds but I’ll pay more attention next time.

Is this the same bug that causes audio to be out of sync for about 5 seconds when you start playing a show and then it locks in to be perfectly in sync?

If you're using AirPlay speakers, then yes. Otherwise no its not the bug we're talking about.

I just submitted diagnostics. Live TV paused on its own. When I went to resume, the audio is garbled.

...seems to replicate when the program goes to commercial.

What source and channel?

Via regular cable, HDHR. CMT (Country Music Television)

Can you start a recording on that channel, capture the commercial break and the switch back to the show, then stop the recording and send it to us.

Dropbox - Submit files

Wow. Just enabled and using with AirPods 3. Fantastic. Look forward to trying with AirPods Pro.

Is there any way to speed up the audio sync when using HomePods? I have recorded a video which shows what I'm referencing and can provide for viewing.

When either (a) selecting a channel; or (b) fast-forwarding or rewinding, the video pauses, the audio plays, and then everything syncs together again after about five seconds.

Is there an update available on this issue? I'm still experiencing it with some channels.

I'm experiencing this issue on MTV, too. (Both are Viacom channels, any relation to the issue?)

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Curious if there is any news on this? Thanks.

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