BETA: Automatically Skip Commercials


Wow. Thanks so much. This works really well. Jumping around in the timeline works. Skipping back in to a break allows playback of the skipped part in case something was flagged wrong. So far I haven't been able to freeze up my playback.

On the shield, it's almost a little too fast. I wonder if you should insert a few black frames or maybe pop up the timeline to let the user know that they are skipping over a break?


I would like to +1 the need for a per show/season type of setting or the ability to turn if off per episode (ala CC,s). The skipping works great 89% of the time but there are certain shows that it will skip the last segment coming back from the last commercial break. The shows that do this seem to be on ABC, American Housewife for example, it consistantly marks the last 5 minutes or so as commercial and there is about a 30 second segment of the show left and it just goes back to the play menu.


So TestFlight on the Apple TV knows to download and install the Channels DVR Beta app automatically? Does it matter if the iPad is connected via WiFi and the Apple TV via Ethernet?


You accept the invite on iOS and it's then tied to your Apple ID. If the ATV4 is using the same Apple ID then the app will appear in TestFlight on the tv.


Thanks for the explanation. Awesome products, app and thanks for the prompt reply. Have a great weekend!


You need to first download the TestFlight app from the Apple TV app store. Once installed, and following you accepting the invite, the app will be listed within the TestFlight app for you to download and install (assuming you are using the same Apple ID on your devices).


Thanks, I had already done that. I've confirmed and all is good. Any estimated time frame as to when the commercial skipping feature will be included in the non-beta app?


First rule of beta testing: Never ask when a feature will be released. :rofl:


Thanks, missed the part about opening the webpage in iOS. Working now




Ok, had a chance to finally turn on the Shield tonight and saw there was an update available for the Channels DVR app. I only had a little bit of time to play around with a previous recording but it worked great on that one.

I have to concur with another poster that on the Shield it skips pretty suddenly and feels a little abrupt to some degree. It isn't too bad but it would be nice to have either some text in the top right corner saying "Commercial Skipped" or something. It does it this way in Kodi and is kind of nice to at least let you know it happened.

Anyway, it works great for what it currently does.


I like it! I used comskip for years with Win 7 WMC and had great experience with it. But I cannot watch tv on my android phone, need Fire TV version.


OK, side loaded the android beta to Fire TV and it performs as normal except the “automaticallyskip commercials” is there and works!



I must have let my last beta expire and now I don’t have access. I tried the link above but the link comes up bad.

  1. Install TestFlight on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Click on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Click Accept


Sweet, thanks! That did it!


This feature is a game changer! Bye bye mcebuddy! Another reason to recommend Channels to my friends!


Thank you so much for this feature! I've watched a few shows on my Apple TV and it works exactly as described. For the times that the commercial detection isn't perfect, I can just go forward or back.

Excellent job and thanks again!


One issue I've found is that if there isn't a commercial at the beginning and I start playing, it jumps to the beginning of the first commercial and I have to rewind. After that, it's fine.


Can you snap a pic of the timeline and starting point? It should only be trying to skip the initial commercial if there is one.