BETA: Automatically Skip Commercials


I had a better chance to try this out tonight on a new recording of Good Girls. There was one commercial segment in the middle that it didn't automatically skip but all other did as expected.

It didn't skip the very last commercial cut of the show (which is a good thing because it would have gone to the end of the show completely) and I was wondering if this is on purpose. Not sure how you would control that but most shows cut the last minute off thinking it's a commercial which would cause the skip to go to the end of the show. It would be cool if this could be done on purpose to not skip that last one. I used to run into this with Kodi a lot.

Anyway, this will definitely add a whole additional benefit to using Channels and I am very happy you guys implemented it! Thanks!


Yes this is by design. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is awesome! Over the past couple of months I have gone back and forth between Channels/Emby/Kodi for playback of my recordings and in the past few weeks found myself only using Channels for recordings. Now this makes it even better and I I don't have to wonder if I want to use Kodi as an option for auto skipping! Now I can just use that for my Movie and other TV Show rips!

The only other reason I like using Kodi or Emby is the integration with Trakt. I have learned to manually mark my shows in Trakt as watched when done with them in Channels but auto integration would be awesome.

Anyway, you guys now have me for life!


Does this beta include the commercial detection changes referred to here? Also, just curious when you expect this to move out of beta?


These are two separate betas. One is an update to the DVR software where commercial detection runs, and the second is a change to the player app.


I like it! Is there a build available where this is implemented for watching on the web interface? Thanks!


Any way to get the APK to use on a Firestick 4K? I am not getting the beta version on either of my sticks.


Over the past 2 days, I've watched 3 programs on my ATV 4K using the beta app; 2 were recorded off of Fox and 1 off of CBS. The skipping feature worked great on the 2 Fox programs but NOT on the CBS show Not sure where or how to report this so I'm leaving it here.

3/6/19 UPDATE

Last night I watched another CBS program and the skipping worked perfectly so perhaps there was an issue with the previous CBS program.


I installed the beta on my android phone. I used the app "ApptoFire" to send it to my firestick4k {after deleting the Channels app already on my firestick.

To my surprise, the beta worked just like the channels app except the "auto skip" function was there. Works great!


Thanks I will give it a try.


I don't suppose there's a way to get the Apple TV beta without an iOS device? I don't own an iPad or iPhone.


The best option for anyone using Apple TV is to go buy a Nvidia Shield. :smile:


Edit: @tmm1 fixed me below, oops.


It is actually, for the self-signup atleast. Apple apparently decided that every tvOS user must also own an iOS device to be able to join the testflight.

I sent @pjo1966 an invite manually.


Ah my bad. Thanks for clearing it up.


Thanks for that!


The other problem is that when an iPhone is tied to a personal apple account, and the ATVs are tied to a different account.


Ok, so I am noticing an issue on the Android TV app (Shield). I thought it was happening last night but I can confirm it from tonight.

On some commercial breaks playback won't automatically skip unless I hit pause and then play again (or select/unselect which also pauses). After I hit play again it will then skip to the end of the commercial.

It doesn't seem consistent. Sometimes it skips the commercial by itself just fine and sometimes not.


Can you submit diagnostics next time?


Yes. I am watching another show right now. If I can reproduce I will submit.