BETA: Automatically Skip Commercials


Based on your response, I think we are on the same page. When the cursor is in the last commercial segment, the non-beta version allows the double tap to skip to the end. I know why you would disable the auto-skip in this section of the recording, but it seems like you would still allow manual double tap to skip if the user wishes just like we can focus in non-beta.


Okay, I understand what you're saying but the problem is if you pick up the remote and double-click without looking at the timeline first, you can end up accidentally closing out the player which is a really terrible experience.

Hopefully as we start to roll out improvements to the commercial detection this won't matter anymore.


Not sure if this has already been reported, or if possibly it is by design, but ...

I use a Harmony remote. Commercial skip works great first time through, but if I rewind back to an earlier part of the show, commercial skip does not happen when it gets to the commercial breaks.



That is by design. It allows you to rewind and watch something that was skipped incorrectly without automatically skipping it again.