Beta: Channels for Android Performance Improvements

The Android SDK/NDK upgrades we did a few months ago introduced a bunch of performance problems and we are finally getting a chance to follow up on them. The symptoms were particularly bad on older and low-spec devices like the Jetstream.

The latest beta of Channels for Android (v2021.01.05.0138) contains several improvements. In particular you should see the app boot up more quickly (so you'll see the "Preparing" screen for less time).

Things are still slower than we would like, especially when you have a lot of channels/sources and a lot of recordings/imports. We will continue to make improvements to performance and boot up speed in the coming weeks.



I’m moving most my devices over to Android from Apple.

What I’m seeing overall and especially with the new google tv is apple’s tvs are just flat out over priced.

They need to refresh their hardware.

I don't disagree that they need an update on the Apple TV, however they still tend to get picked as the best streaming box, certainly the fastest, and are comparable in price to the Nvidia Shield. So while an update would be good, they aren't completely out of line compared to Nvidia. Would be cool if they kept the current 4K around with the new announcement and dropped its price to $99 or something... more likely $139 with Apple.

Agreed, though the non-4K ATV is absolutely overpriced, and really should be retired.

Perfect world gives us the current ATV4K for the price of the current non-4K, and an upgrade at the current 4K price to a box with working HLG/24p playback and a faster CPU. Anything else for me is gravy.

I haven't seen an official announcement. Just rumors.