BETA: Channels for Android TV with DVR scheduling features


Yes fantastic.


How is everyone liking the DVR support in Android TV so far?


Love it! if this comes to Fire TV I have the perfect setup. Thanks for introducing me @maddox (on HA forums, I am badgerhome by the way)

In the UK Fire TV is one of the few “boxes” that has support for ALL UK TV catchup apps (BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, all4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play) with addition of Channels DVR this is one of the few boxes that does it all.

For me, I also use Plex, Amazon Video, Netflix, Ring Video Doorbell and Alexa (through echos and voice remote) integrated into Home Assistant - So this is a really powerful setup with Channels.

I have one ask for Channels DVR though which I have just mentioned here - Tuner Priority - DVR vs Live

Other things I’d love to see is this integration: Live TV Control.

(at the moment I’m doing this using the Channels API using HomeAssistant as the engine which means I have shortcut buttons on my Harmony remote where I can press “BBC1” and channels will launch on 101, also the same for Alexa, I can say “turn on BBC1”, I’ll share a detailed write up on this soon.)

Also would love to see a PIP when browsing the Guide.

I’m loving it so far, it’s the closest I’ve come to TV perfection! Thanks for all your hard work and to @tmm1 who has been very reactive to bugs reported. Amazing support!


I think the support here is fantastic. I changed from using the DVR on the Shield back to my NAS temporarily because I am trying to record certain shows to archive with commercials removed. But while I was using it on the Shield the few issues that cropped up were handled quickly enough.

Anyway, as soon as my archival project is complete then I plan to move everything back over to the Shield as most of our regular show recording is watch and delete.


Technically its FireTV but wasnt sure if posting beta93 issues here or in Firetv topic.

Lately, (almost daily) when I turn on the tv at 5pm cst the Channels app does not have the data under guide populated and the data under on now is just names no icons or additional information. I able to force a refresh of the data for both using scan networks. I sent diagnostic info before and after the network scan for you to look at.


Channels 2.0 for Android TV and Fire TV are now officially available on the Amazon/Google stores.

Thanks to everyone who helped us beta test!

Also, if you could take a moment to leave a rating and/or review on the Google Play Store (, that would be much appreciated.


Congratulations! I noticed over the past week the major changes to the UI on the Shield and it does look incredible!