BETA: HDHR signal statistics for DVR recordings

In the latest DVR build v2019.11.08.0102 we have added a new log entry that appears at the end of every recording showing the HDHR signal levels measured while that recording was happening. We hope this is helpful in tracking down a common class of recording issues.

[SNR] Statistics for "TV/KEYT NewsChannel 3 at 5PM/KEYT NewsChannel 3 at 5PM 2019-11-07-1700.mpg": ss=78%/78% snq=100%/100% seq=100%/100%

Each metric shows a min and max value. The numbers are polled every 10 seconds while recording. This feature works with all non-legacy HDHR units, and requires the latest stable HDHR firmware 20190621.

(For an explanation of what these numbers mean, see

Please try this out and report back on how it works for you. Once this is deemed stable, we plan to surface it up further into the apps and flag recordings which were made during poor signal situations, and also eventually show signal warnings in the player when watching live tv.


Awesome news! This will definitely help move Channels up to the level of hardware integration that users expect from DVR systems.

Quick question: why only for recent tuners? This same level of information is available through libhdhomerun; and IIRC you use that interface for legacy tuners, right?

Yea we can support legacy tuners too, just haven't done so yet. There aren't that many of those around these days, so developing new features for them isn't a huge priority.

Gotcha. Makes perfect sense.

As of v2019.11.08.2319 this now works on all HDHRs (we switched from the new http /status.json api to the libhdhr status api which provides more information), and includes network packet rates:

[SNR] Statistics for "TV/Nature Cat/Nature Cat S02E02 2018-01-02 Stop and Hear the Cicadas ColdBlooded 2019-11-08-1506.mpg": ss=71%,70%-71% snq=100% seq=100% bps=4543584,2580864-7089856 pps=431,246-673

Nope, I did not see that, but that would be good.

Wow, nice addition. Stats for Nerds or for troubleshooting.

Would be great if this could be added to a files recording json for future reference. I think that carries over on a migration from one system to another and the logs don't.

A bit confused on the new v2019.11.08.2319
I thought the values were min/max sampled every ten seconds.

snq=100% seq=100%
does that mean the values never varied from 100% ?

ss=71%,70%-71% means what? avg,min-max?

bps=4543584,2580864-7089856 means what? avg,min-max?

pps=431,246-673 means what? avg,min-max?

Just tried a recording and get this ss=98%-99% snq=100% seq=100% bps=4015680,3185472-5003808 pps=385,308-478

P.S. also noticed addition of tuner# used when recording? Opened connection to SD-PRIME/0 for ch706 YourPBSStationCallSign

I guess you missed this?

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Yep we track tuners since stats are per tuner