Beta: HDR playback on Apple TV 4K

Wonderful! Appreciate your help testing.

Are you noticing any difference in colors on SD channels between the new and old driver?

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New build is out (7.6.1919) with improvements to color mapping for standard-def channels. Some rare crashes have also been fixed.

The Experimental driver should be stable enough now to use full time. Please try it out and let me know if there are any issues.

I’ll do a bit more comparative testing on this, but I have to say that my limited usage of the experimental video driver since downloading the latest build has been impressive , across SD/HD. I haven’t watched much 4K HDR content as yet, what I have watched looks really nice. Thanks for your efforts to make a great product even better.

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Just wanted to say I played my UHD HDR The Fast and the Furious and had no issues that I could see. Hopefully I’ll get around to watching more, but with no real new movies coming out it’s a slow time.

This Video Driver is now the default setting. The old default has been renamed to Legacy.