BETA: Imported Content Extras (Trailers & Subtitles)

I notice that when I deleted a movie, the SRT file remained behind after it cleared the trash. I would want all of the associated files to be deleted together.

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@tmm1 @maddox This topic appears to be a little stale, but I'm also having no success with external subtitles and TV shows. A known issue or something I'm doing wrong? (Movies with external subs are working just fine for me).

Added support for episode subtitles in the next DVR build.


Awesome, looks good!

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Added a movie into my Imports folder, it plays great in Channels, i select captions from the pull down menu, no subs. I place an srt file and title it to be the same as the movie. Refreshed metadata but still no subs after restarting the movie and app. I am using the latest test flight on Apple TV. What am i doing wrong?

I’m looking for guidance on this new feature. I tried YouTube and Vimeo links, which don't seem to do anything when I try to play them on the latest tvOS beta. What types of links are accepted for trailers?

You need to link to videos. Like, actual URLs to video files.

I tried this, by pasting a url link to a trailer from two sources online but could not see how this works? Where on the client does this present? Is the trailer supposed to play automatically at the start of the movie? Or are we supposed to see a separate option on screen to play the trailer if required? To conclude, I cannot get this working as it stands, but I suspect that’s my lack of understanding about how this feature has been designed to work.

Can you give an example of one of the links.

There’s a “Trailer” button on the movie page, and I believe it only shows up on the latest tvOS beta.

Got it, was this made with a specific website in mind that hosts these trailer files? I’m just trying to understand how this might be better/different than the existing functionality of having the file downloaded and in the same folder as your movie.

It's just another option.

Here is an example of a random trailer url i tried and cant get to work...

"Turning Red | Official Trailer - YouTube"

That's a link to a web page, not a video.

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You can use this link hosted by Apple Trailers.


Do I just use that link in the Trailer URL field? I tried that and it did not make a difference.

Also, how did you get that link? I would love to be able to get / generate links like that for other movies.

Yes, just copy and paste that into the field. It worked for me on the latest tvOS beta, maybe make sure you’re fully updated on the client side too?

If you’re familiar with youtube-dl, it will extract the trailer URLs if you input any given movie’s Apple Trailers page. You can also open up developer tools in whatever browser you have and filter “MP4” or “M4V” to get the file URL.

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Hi, I have managed to get this working now. @alai provided great assistance, I never appreciated that the trailer button only appears in TVOS not IOS version of latest channels beta. I was also expecting to see a trailers sub category, listing all trailers. This is not the case, when you select a movie, if it has a valid trailer URL linked, then a trailer button appears on screen. So you can either watch, View Trailer from the selected movie. The tricky bit is actually identifying the valid URL for a trailer. I have figured out how to do this by way of using the Web Inspector in Safari to view the source code, but it's fiddly and a bit time consuming. It would be good if a future release of channels automatically aggregates trailers from a reliable source, such as iTunes or IMDB or You Tube when a local movie is scanned on import. Maybe even have an option to enable disable this feature. Currently alot of effort is required from the main channels adminstrator looking after the DVR.


Apple's Movie Trailers site is a great resource for this, thanks for the reminder about it, @alai!

As far as identifying the video URL from a page playing a video, this extension for Google Chrome pinpoints the URL quickly and easily:

This is a similar extension, but for Firefox: GitHub - rowrawer/stream-detector: A Firefox addon for keeping track of manifests used by various streaming protocols and downloading media files.


For a simplified subtitle experience in Plex, I've got all my external subtitle files named in [LANG.[forced.]]srt format, (ex. If the additional subtitle formatting in Channels is not going to be supported, would it be possible that instead of supporting an exact filename match, you might consider matching "filename*.srt" so Channels would pick up one subtitle file if present?