BETA: Imported Content Extras (Trailers & Subtitles)

Under File ID click the number, then you should see the srt shown under Extras

@tmm1 OK. So I think i am understanding. So since the there is no subtitle listed on the details screen, that means that the client will just show the option to turn on/off closed captions when I add my own srt file. If the video file has closed captions already and I add my own, my srt will just show as the last "track" correct?

Also I deleted that show and then emptied the trash. the srt remained.

'The Rookie - S05E02 - Labor'


Correct, the srt file is added as a new caption track at the end by the player.

Currently only .srt file is deleted so the is sticking around.

Ahh gotcha. Is that something that is going to be fixed? I can modify my process to rename them if not.

This update for the captions have been a huge quality of life improvement. Now all of my Virtual Channels have captions! Seriously, thank you so much for making this work.

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I think I've encountered a bug. The URL I paste into the Trailers field for a movie works right away. After clicking "Save" in my browser, I see the movie's info page on the AppleTV quickly display a "Trailer" button, And I can click that button to stream the trailer there. Works great! But when I go back to that same info page a little bit later, the Trailer button is gone, and when I check the DVR webUI to edit the movie's metadata, I see that the Trailer field is blank again. Did it not really get saved? Or is something flushing this field afterwards for some reason?

I've added a handful of trailers this way and they all worked fine, but now all of those fields are empty.

Example URL of a trailer file, for the movie "Triangle of Sadness:"

Latest prerelease of server, latest TestFlight of Channels app.

I am experiencing the same issue. I am experiencing the issue exactly as stated above. I have not been able to figure out the time it takes to disappear, but it is happening.

@tmm1 ... I just wanted to bring the disappearing trailers url to your attention in case you missed this thread.

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Has anyone found the issue here? I would love to load some trailers!

Tested again and yes, can confirm that any URLs pasted in the Trailer URL field do work fine on the tvOS client for a bit, and then... eventually... disappear. Usually just a few minutes later.

There must be some operation that overwrites the value. If you can narrow down the time and find the entry in the http log that causes it that would help.

Hmm that fast every time?

Yep, within a few minutes every time, it's reproducible and consistent.

I add the URL for a trailer for a movie in the DVR.
Then I confirm that trailer streams directly on the AppleTV.
Then I go back to the DVR and add a trailer for a different movie, pasting a different URL in that different movie's Trailer URL field.
I confirm that trailer streams on the AppleTV, too.
Then I go back to the first movie on the AppleTV, and see the trailer button is gone.
Then I go back to the DVR and see the Trailer URL field for that movie is now empty.

I turned on the http log and went through the steps above but unfortunately don't see anything in the logs that refers to this. All I know is that if I spend any time adding Trailer URLs to any movies and stream one or two off them and then go back to them later I'll see they've disappeared. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or what else to try.

Can you try adding the trailer url. Watching the movie for a minute, stopping it, then checking the web admin immediately?

I'm wondering if the client is updating the movie data and clearing out the trailer url.

Something like that, yes. I followed those steps, stopping the movie after a minute (closing the PIP window too) and the trailer URL was still in the web admin immediately afterwards. Then I went back to the AppleTV and saw the trailer button was still displayed on-screen for this movie. I didn't play the trailer, but I force-quit the Channels app, relaunched, went back to the movie's page and the trailer button was now gone. I then went back to the web admin, and see the trailer URL is now empty.

This is the same behavior I've been seeing when only streaming the newly added trailers too, though. They work at first, and then disappear, after a few minutes of me clicking around to play them.

The bug causing trailer urls to disappear has been fixed in next prerelease.


I am running into a bug with closed captions. On the same movie they work on Local clients but do not work on Remote clients,

Since I see some other activity with Remote access, can someone look into this issue where closed captions does not work on Remote clients for the same content that works on Local clients? Thanks.

Normal YouTube URLs are now supported in the tvOS and iOS version as of the latest TestFlight beta. You can simply copy and paste a link to a YouTube video into a movie's Trailer URL field, and it will play back.

You will need both the latest tvOS/iOS version and the latest pre-release Channels DVR Server.