Beta: Metadata Editing

Confirmed fixed.

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Yes, can confirm after a restart that they are still there.

We’ll look into what to do about this. This behavior is expected though, as they have not actually been matched, just edited.

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Works perfectly, even with non-standard sized art! The only issue I had was it did not remeber the path I put in in the last release, but easy enough to get from right clicking on my poster, so no big deal.

Confirmed, can now edit Pluto recordings, thanks!

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You can now edit movie posters from the Manage page.

Quality Rating is now available in the Smart Rules editor.

As of the latest DVR pre-release, you’ll receive more options when updating TV show art.


This has been fixed in the latest build

Updated to latest build. I tried the "update art" button and the screen instantly goes away.

Could you provide more details. Where is the show sourced from?


Another interesting thing is that after importing, its finding the correct program yet it isn't filling in the info. With many of these recordings, On the second on, I've left a copy on my DVR (on a lot of my recordings) so I could have the metadata available so you see the broadcast copy and the edited copy. FWIW, the update art button doesn't work on anything I've tried. I have a WD PR2100.

Also, I like the channel logos where the show originally aired like it is on the DVR. Would it be possible select a network and pull the logo since you already have it in the db?

Another thing is that whatever the secondary image (this is fro the manage recordings screen) isn't generating even those Channels put it in the proper place. I did have to manually add the metadata.

You’ll have to use the checkbox to have it apply the show art to all of the show’s recordings.

Even with box checked, the screen shows up for a second then disappears.

My reply was to your previous message regarding the art for the recordings of the show.

Correct. No matter what I Do, that "update art" button doesn't work for me. If I'm completely missing something, I'll definitely be happy to try it.

On a positive note, I was able to successfully import in a six part 9/11 special without having to really do anything other than using the same naming convention as the dvr files. It would not work before (this new feature and whatever importing adjustments were made) and imported incorrectly as a movie when it was a six part special. Progress! :slight_smile:

I was able to update a lot of artwork today. Now I'm trying to propagate artwork to episodes of one particular show (This American Life) but the screen disappears before I can even check the box:


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Check browser console for js errors

Some examples I found to reproduce the Update Art modal disappearing issue were both also documentaries like the above examples, and tagged "Documentary" and "Special", such as a show titled Fermented (Series ID: 19700993). Although this aired as a "show" on Tastemade, it's really a documentary movie.

In the browser console, the GET to the /dvr/groups/series_id/posters endpoint returns a 503 error, with the response:

{"error fetching series programs":"gracenote error 1012: invalid_series_id"}

Sadly the issue is still not resolved.