Beta: Metadata Editing

Does it matter what the aspect ratio is for artwork?
I'm assuming it wants 4:3 for TV Shows and 16:9 (or is it 2:3) for Movies.

That leads into what is needed for

I imagine it expects the same as for imports and custom channels: 4:3 for TV; and 2:3 for movies.


Categories do not determine this. How you import them does. If you import them as movies, then they'll be movies and need a 2:3 aspect. If you import them as a show, so that it's a group of videos, then you need a 4:3.

You dont' HAVE to adhere to this of course. But if you want it to look good in the app, it's highly suggested. The app assumes these things and your experience will be better.

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As of the latest DVR pre-release, there is now a Poster picker to let you change your Movie and TV Show posters. You have the option to just choose from the listed options, or update the poster with a URL.

Additionally, if you're updating a Show's art, you can optionally choose to propagate the new poster to every recording in the show. This will help with non scanned shows with art.



Thanks guys. I notice there is a Rating option in the editor. Is there a corresponding tag that can be used in the advanced editor of virtual channels ?

THANK YOU! Thanks for finally adding the metadata!

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There isn’t, but we’ll work on it.

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In the advanced search you can use qualityRating>=3.5

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cool thanks

For me, this is one of the most wanted and unexpected features of Channels DVR since I started using it four years ago. I want to see if it makes it easier to import my offline local content. Mainly TV Shows and Specials that couldn't be matched by Gracenote before.

Kudo's to the devs for this feature!


Ive become a director overnight.
With the poster urls, will you support local paths. Either is fine just so I can organise to host the artwork so I an customise imported media.

I have several shows that do not save poster changes. Either through selecting a poster offered within the update poster routine or via URL.

I cannot see any pattern for those shows that do not play ball, all locally imported shows. Log files on DVR do not have any entries that may help either. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

I saw it with Local Media and Stream Links. Pluto has/had the other issue of not being able to edit. On the web, all was fine except large art remained so in the UX.

Thanks much for this, I've been able to update a few shows that would match, but couldn't find the poster, keep up the great work!

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Confirmed fixed.

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Yes, can confirm after a restart that they are still there.

We’ll look into what to do about this. This behavior is expected though, as they have not actually been matched, just edited.

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Works perfectly, even with non-standard sized art! The only issue I had was it did not remeber the path I put in in the last release, but easy enough to get from right clicking on my poster, so no big deal.

Confirmed, can now edit Pluto recordings, thanks!

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You can now edit movie posters from the Manage page.

Quality Rating is now available in the Smart Rules editor.