Beta: Metadata Editing

Just downloaded the latest DVR server release, I hate to say it, but the issue is not completely fixed. With the show in question, I tried updating the art again, so selected a new poster and apply across all episodes. The new poster was applied to the main show art, and episode 1, but never applied across all remaining episodes for all seasons.

Seems to be where another piece of art was previoulsy applied, with all episodes selected. Then change the art again, select apply all episodes, only 1st episode and main poster updated.

New build coming

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Try with v2022.03.08.1918

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Bingo! That's got it! All fixed now. :grinning:

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Yep, yep, could literally watch it update each episode individually. Much better!

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If I upload an image for a collection I only see a blank collection in the iOS app. If I put a URL to the same image from say imgur it works fine. I tried this with the release and beta iOS app.

The latest pre-release adds an Uploads manager where you can drag and drop many uploads at a time as well as batch manage them.

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Awesome! Do you have a link for good16 x 9 movie collection images?

TMDB has collection art.

As of the latest pre-release, you can now use a picker, like the poster picker, to pick from your uploads.

It has immediately occurred to me that these don't work directly from the poster picker modals. I'm working on it. BETA!

OK, all fixed up. As of the latest pre-release, uploads are now incorporated into the art picker. You can get to your Uploads via the tab.


This is great!. Any way we can get previous uploaded images to show in the Manage Upload section? I only see new uploaded images there.


That certainly shouldn't be the case. It shows all of the uploads from the system.

What do you mean by "new uploaded images"? Do you mean that you have so many uploads that they don't all show?

The only images I see in the Manage Uploads are the images I have added since this beta was released. Any uploaded images from yesterday do not show.

They do show when I try to pick them for a collection though or edit artwork just not in the Manage Uploads.

We figured it out, we'll get it fixed in the next pre-release.

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Excellent! Thanks

This should be resolved with the latest pre-release.