Beta: New and Improved On Later

Thanks for the explanation.

How do i get On Later on my Apple TV 4k? I already have the pre release version on my server.

You need the beta app.

Since I see your new reply (didn't see that originally) I'll just comment.
I'm getting EPG from your Pluto docker for channels which works great.
Pluto does have Action, Adventure and Thriller movies as I'm sure you know.
Your container marks them in the EPG as Category and Channels DVR when importing the EPG marks them as Genres.
Pluto does have a lot of Categories/Genres that don't lineup one-to-one with other sources like TVE, OTA and Cable where the EPG comes from Gracenote.
It's quite possible the search index in Channels DVR you're talking about isn't indexing them the same as other sources.
I'll have to pull a jq on the Channels DVR guide data to see what Genres it sees for the Pluto source.

A quick search of the EPG from your Pluto container shows the following for 'Action'
Action & Adventure
Action Classics
Action Comedies
Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Action Thrillers
African-American Action
Anime Action & Adventure
Crime Action
Foreign Action & Adventure
Military & War Action

So yeah, they don’t line up.

But seeing that the point of the Pluto project is to get the data as normalized as possible for Channels, I’ll take a look at scrubbing stuff.

This is sort of new for Channels, using this kind of meta data this way. So thanks for pointing it out.

I’ll look into massaging the Pluto genres into our expected ones.


Thank You. Really appreciate the work you did on the Pluto docker for Channels. Without it, I never would have incorporated Pluto in Channels DVR.

This is brilliant, perfectly implemented. I'm finding it very useful already. Thanks!

I do like the way you're going with gathering and indexing the metadata.
What good is a DVR for recording or a Library for searching, without good metadata.

I am just now exploring this new update. From what I have looked at so far, I love it. This has been a long time coming. I can't wait to see where this new update goes. Thank You!


Unless I didn't (IIRC)

I thought previously when you clicked on a Movie/Show in Live TV>On Later>On Tonight
That it brought up a synopsis of it.

Clicking one from Pluto
Brings up "No upcoming airings."

I guess the correct terminology here is undefined is not a valid SeriesID.

Clicking the same Movie from Live TV>On Later>Movies>Drama works

Where in this case pluto/5e741e80725522001446ff09/E1 is a valid SeriesID.

If I click on one from Live TV>On Later>Upcoming Movies, it works

Again pluto/60d27f5c1e23180013bea295/E1 is a valid SeriesID.

Is this just a Pluto guide issue causing problems or is it code in the New and Improved On Later?

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So this will kinda give me the ability to search by channel?

It works for recorded content in your Library, but not the guide. Use channel=###, or channel=[###, ###] to limit recordings based upon the channel number it recorded from.

Ok, maybe I’m just really tired, it’s late where I am, but I can’t figure out how to access the fine tune menu. I’ve looked in the web client and on my Apple TV beta and my iPad beta and I just don’t see it. Where is it?

You have to update the dvr to latest prerelease, then you'll find the button at the top right of the web On Later page.

I am disappointed with the On Later filter.

I have followed the string and see that the party-line follows the more open minded, politically correct, all inclusive with guidance from above approach, but I would prefer to choose my own channels.

So far the “genius” algorithms have not worked for me.

Keep up the good work but please consider allowing your followers to make their own choices and filter out what they don’t want to see (even if you think it is good for them).


Huh? Was that sarcasm?

You can pick "Preferred Channels" when you click the fine tune button. Bright, smiling world after that.

It is the ‘”Preferred Channels" when you click the fine tune button’ aspect that I am referring to.

As described earlier in this thread the “Preferred Channels” selection emphasizes the channels picked, but is not exclusive. That is the feature that the developers laud as special because it allows the user to see the programing on their preferred channels while at the same time not cutting off the user from other programing that is deemed appropriate.

The reply that I was expecting was, “If you don’t like it, don’t use it,” and that’s fair enough.

But I will miss the previous iteration’s two movies filters which while their names did not define their functions, allowed the user to pick exclusively from a list of preferred channels (actually the user’s “favorites” channels) or from a list of all upcoming programs.

I’m not looking for a fight. And I thank you for your thoughtful replies. In the grand scheme of things I love Channels DVR. This is a small issue best let go.

I am suggesting that there is such a thing as overdeveloping.

You seem to be sincere and I accept your feedback. But I don't accept your conclusion that this is an example of a overdeveloped feature. Unlike a lot of products out there (ie Plex) that have a ton of "features" that are pretty cool to look at but have no real day-to-day value, I can't think of a single feature in Channels that is not relevant and useful. I share your disappointment that New and Improved On Later has only confirmed that there really isn't much on TV that I want to watch. But that's on me. Maybe in time we will be able to do more to fine tune recommendations to our personal preferences, but that will require more development, not less.