No upcoming airings

Am I the only one seeing this?

When I choose any of the 60 or so shows/movies displayed under Live TV>On Later>On Tonight, it displays "No upcoming airings."

Source is Pluto for Channels Docker.
Channels DVR version 2021.08.09.2200

Also posted about it here, but no replies.

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I do not see any Pluto movies listed either. Maybe it has something to do with favorite channels. I see Pluto Movies showing as TV Show ...

I was talking about the web UI for Pluto.
Live TV>On Later>On Tonight.
It shows 60 show/movie posters (in 10 rows like the following)
When I click on any of them it says No upcoming airings.

I see what you mean now ... no airings I also got on pluto so no way to record of the web ui when in On Tonight.

Fixed in next build.


Looking good!
(On my second Pluto container running 2021.08.12.0054)

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