Beta: New and Improved On Later

Agreed. While the fine tuning is great to surface more of a channel/genre's content, there currently isn't a way to use the mechanism to display less. An ignore or exclude option would be nice.

However, since this is still early days—functional alpha really rather than beta—I can only assume such additions are on the horizon.


Good idea putting a filter, but incorrect implementation. The point of filter is to filter things out, not put them in them front of other things. How am I supposed to find items from specific channel when they do not show up. I have a group of favorite channels (movie channels) and now I cannot even find out what is being aired on these channels, unless I actually disable all other channels. Seriously?


Seriously guys, if you could go ahead and bring this beta feature in line with my specifications, that would be greeeeaaaat.

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So feature updates are only good when they match your own personal recommendations?

Apparently. Tone is hard to convey through text. I was attempting to communicate a smart aleck comment about the complaint above.

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I appreciated the Office Space reference.


I am exploring the feature, but I have 2 observations.

First, I like the ability to browse the On Later listings in the client, but just like the On Now pages, it doesn't work well for movies. The tiles are landscape, but the movie posters are clipped rather than scaled. This means the top and bottom of the movie poster is missing, making it very difficult to know what it is.

(I believe it was mentioned that this was a platform limitation, and Apple's SDK does not allow for dynamic scaling. I find that hard to believe; but if that is indeed the case, another solution needs to be found. I know Gracenote provides poster images for TV shows, and I believe they similarly provide landscape images for movies. Could Channels grab the landscape images in addition to the posters for the movies, and use those in the On Now/Later pages? Or conversely, perhaps switch everything to poster images as DirecTV does in their guide?)

Secondly, when drilling down beyond the initial 9 airings that surface for a category I see multiple items with the "interesting" badge. Wouldn't it make more sense to surface those sooner? Or is their placement further down the list because of the sorting of the algorithm, placing programs from favorite channels higher on the list, and random channels lower? (If that's the case, then disregard this point.)

That's the case.

Any chance of addressing the issue of movie posters in the landscape tiles?

That's a long standing issue completely out of the scope of these new On Later changes.

That is the Mystery genre. :wink:

The latest tvOS/iOS release on TestFlight now allows you to manage your On Later settings from within the app. Just use the button at the top right in the On Later section.


The latest DVR pre-release now lets you exclude channels from On Later. Any shows/movies/sports/airings on the channels you exclude, will not show up in On Later.


The tvOS/iOS test flight now has the ability to adjust excluded channels too.

It'll be up and available in about 20 minutes.


Quick note: the heading on the dialog for excluding channels says "Preferred Channels". Is this a typo, or is the exclude button opening up the preferred dialog?

(It looks like it's just a typo.)

Gah, it’s a typo. Fix is building now and will be up shortly.

Seems backward to me. Why not just let us pick the channels we want to show up.

Can I mass select Pluto's 143 channels I have enabled and then unselect the ones I want to see.
Or the 170 TVE channels.
Or the 125 HDHR Cable channels.
That's 438 channels to go through when I only want a handfull to show up.

Or am I missing something?

As stated before, we're working towards surfacing stuff up, so that things are not excluded. The point is that you should be able to ignore the noise at the bottom of lists, while not missing anything.

If we just show content on specific channels, that doesn't give a lot of chance of discovery. There's a chance you could miss things that might be a surprise.

Maybe you like documentaries. How many documentaries are you missing because you didn't add the right channels?

This is all still a work in progress. Maybe this plan never works out. But we're working hard to get On Later to find things for you to watch/record, without an allowlist.

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In the latest DVR pre-release, it will show your preferred sports in On Tonight and On This Week.

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The latest DVR pre-release has removed Recommended Shows from On Later. The data used for this has been discontinued from Gracenote. This feature may return later if we decide to generate this list ourselves.