BETA: New filtering for Movies and TV Shows

Hey guys, the latest TestFlight beta went out with what appears like a simple change, but it's a little more in depth.

NEW: You can now filter your list of movies rather than just adjust their sort. Filter by Genre, Content Rating, Watch status, and more.


Big Changes

While this seems like a simple change, a lot of things were changed with the internals of the UI with this release. Please keep an eye out for these things:

  1. [tvOS, iOS] The new filter buttons
  2. [tvOS] The channel collections bar
  3. [tvOS] The guide collections list
  4. [tvOS] The Library Collection switcher bar
  5. [iOS] The picker in the navigation title that lets you change channel collections, etc
  6. [tvOS, iOS] The search result sections

Please report if anything works differently than it used to. This includes using it normally, and updates from the server when you edit channel collections, etc. Thanks!


How far does the android version lag behind?