Beta: New options for tuning into Virtual Channels

Start from beginning button missing in latest build.

You used to have the option to "Start from Beginning" when you long clicked on the current time slot in virtual channels to bring up the summary, now it just says "Watch". I used that way of starting from the beginning up to 100 times a day, it was so simple. Now to start from beginning it appears I have to start the show, pause it and then click the start from beginning button. Sure, I can set it to ask me but I don't see that as a favorable change to the way it was before. Great work on the other improvements, but I have to say this start from beginning thing is a step backwards.


If you're constantly long clicking why not just change the default to start at beginning?

The in player button would also be one less step than long-click then swipe and click.

I am actually not sure which option you're referring to from before because we didn't remove any buttons only added new things.

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Because I don't always want to start from the beginning. And the using the in player button takes longer because it has to wait until the content starts playing before you have access to the button. Before I updated the AppleTV app this evening, I could long press on the currently showing item in the virtual channels and bring up the summary for that show, you used to have the ability to "Watch from Beginning" there, 2 easy clicks. After the update it only says "Watch" I'd be perfectly fine if that was put back the way it was, then I could use the "Live" setting for starting the channel and everything would be back to what it was before.

With the way the app runs now, if you set the virtual channel tune setting to "Live", there is no way to start from the beginning except for pausing and scrubbing backward. If you put the "Watch from beginning" back on the summary screen the way it was, then you'd have a way to get to the beginning when using the "Live" setting.

Why is the “pause” step necessary? Just press Select when the “start from beginning” comes up.

This feature has shipped. Thanks for the feedback. Please open a new topic if there's any issues with this.

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