Beta: New options for tuning into Virtual Channels

With the latest tvOS, iOS and Android updates, you'll now have options for what happens when you tune into a Virtual Channel:

  1. Live - Tunes in live just like it used to.
  2. Start From Beginning - Starts the currently airing program from the beginning
  3. Ask Before Starting - Prompts you before it starts, just like the Resume prompt for recordings.
  4. In Player Button - Tunes in live like normal with a button showing, offering you the ability to start it from the beginning.

In Player Button is the default.

Resume Options

Additionally, the In Player Button option is now available as a Resume option for the rest of your recordings. This is also the new default. With this option, your playback will start immediately, without being asked first, but then you'll have the option to start from the beginning if you'd like to.

Virtual Channel Improvements

Additionally, Virtual Channels can now be rewound and fast forwarded, without being penalized by the current time. No more weird skipping or not being able seek around.

Edit: Updated to include Android



I'm sure this is on the roadmap but fine tuning / selectivity would be nice. For most shows the IPB is fine but it could be quite the spoiler for live sports or game shows.

This is for virtual channels, which are made up of already recorded content from your library.

Also, what is "IPB"?

And other things:

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I hate to ask, but is there a timeframe when this will be available for Android?

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We’re working on it

Man, 0 to acronym in 3 hours.


We've just shipped this feature for Android in the latest beta:


Im not seeing the “start from beginning” button on ipad latest test flight.
I do see it on TVOs.

Am i missing something..

@mnwxman132 You're absolutely right. We caught the bug last night and sent out a fix, but there was a problem with the build so it never went out. I've kicked off another build right now that should have the button in the next half hour or so.

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This should have the fix:

Woke up this mornin’ and tested the fix. Workin on ipad.

Interesting that the default was set to back to live play and not “in play button”.
Once i changed that back to “in play button” in setting, works great

Can you come with something more descriptive than “In Player” button?


Hmm, I don't think "Button that Overlays the Playing Video, on the Bottom Right of the Screen" would fit though?

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I'm seeing a couple issues on Android mobile when setting Resume Playback to In Player Button:

  1. After selecting a partially watched recording, I still see the prompt to Resume Playing or Start from Beginning (after selecting Resume Playing the In Player Button is shown as expected)
  2. When the In Player Button is shown, the player controls/info overlay cannot be shown/accessed at the same time (by tapping any blank area)
  3. The word "from" is improperly capitalized in the In Player Button text (unlike in the Prompt)

App diagnostics: d2d59780-4b18-40be-980a-91be2aff79be

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Thanks, these should be fixed in the incoming build.


Looks good, thanks!

With these fixes, I'm now seeing one more issue: the "Start from Beginning" button appears in front of the player description overlay (rather than behind it), obscuring the text.

Confirmed fixed.