BETA: Sort Titles

After a conversation in a topic, I've added Sort Titles to Channels DVR Server. Right now only iOS/tvOS utilizes them, but Android should get it soon.

I wasn't going to post about this specifically as it seems like not only a small little change, but a niche one, and even an obvious one we should have had a while back.

But after going through my own library and utilizing it, I've found it to be REALLY useful. It's really nice to be able to take a franchise that is sort of grouped together when sorted alphabetically, and forcing them to be in chronological order.

This has been great for the Hobbit movies, Harry Potter movies, Marvel movies (Thor, Captian America), and anything that has sequels that don't use numerics in their names.

Anyways, I just wanted to point out that this feature was added, because the neurotic library managers out there might find it refreshing.


I can already see this helping with sorting Star Trek by in-universe timeline. Yeah I am kind of a geek that way. So the new Sort Names would be

Star Trek 2151 for Enterprise
Star Trek 2255 for Discovery
Star Trek 2257 for Strange New Worlds
Star Trek 2265 for TOS
Star Trek 2270 for Continues
Star Trek 2364 for TNG
Star Trek 2369 for Deep Space Nine
Star Trek 2371 for Voyager
Star Trek 2380 for Lower Decks
Star Trek 2383 for Prodigy
Star Trek 2399 for Picard

Edit: Also good if you are like me and would rather have your 2001 in the T's and 50 First Dates in the F's.


This works nicely almost everywhere, except in one spot: Sort Titles seem to be ignored in Library Collections only in the Web UI (they work in Library Collections in the clients). It would be nice to preview the adjusted sort order in the Web UI too.

This was resolved in the latest pre-release.

Confirmed fixed. Thanks!