Beta testing next Apple TV release


Now, I’m confused…I thought latest ATV Beta was updated to App Store, a day ago.

Copied from: New ATV Beta: Re-designed Recordings tab! (+ new TestFlight)

tmm1 Channels Developer

“This build is now live on the App Store as v2.1.32”


You’re right, that’s very confusing. Tuner sharing is currently marked as beta-only feature, so it only works on the This is similar to other features such as Submit Diagnostics, and Test Surround Sound. Other than that, the two builds are identical.


Thanks for clarification.


Good to know… I will check out using the beta app and check to see how the behavior differs. I usually leave the production app in a main window for the family to use, but will switch this out.


Any idea when this will be released? I am anxious to get it on all of our ATVs.


FYI, in the latest version of the app Tuner Sharing has been disabled by default. If you want to use it, you will need to go enable it on the Settings tab.


@tmm1 - QQ, once we reset this to share will it persist across future upgrades? Reason I ask, is that tuner sharing is working just fine for me and so I want to continue to use it. I don’t want to have to manually update 7 ATVs each time they upgrade to reenable the feature.

To be honest, a setting on the DVR side that the clients follow would be ideal.


Yes, we won’t reset it past this last update. Your setting will be preserved.


OK, cool.


This would be more appropriate if it asked “WHY are you still watching ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’” :grinning: